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Just imagine the stiff upper lip accent pliz?

Why Corbyn will fail in 2017.
Needless to say: if I am wrong I will look like a right muppet, but that is Politics for you.


I feel Corbyn will fail.

In fact I need him to fall. And fall hard.

It hasn't escaped my attention that some of my stuff has made it to cabinet and shadow-cabinet levels. Much as this is a compliment I am now keeping to my anti-Corbyn line. Why?


There are a number of major social trends going on at present.

1) The rise of the youth vote, still in their Green Party & SWP dreams. This is useful, but not big enough yet.

2) The Senile Vote of the Baby-boomers is getting more and more short-sighted as their faculties fail. Hence why so much racism is now openly spoken. They are big enough to affect govt too, and are VERY stubborn in how they operate. They will do something ghastly just to Tax Dodge. They already have.

3) Generation Rent still isn't big enough to tip the scale. We're getting close now, but we're not there yet. Not enough people are suffering yet.

Generation Rent are those who have lived it. From my age down they always end up with nothing; and they are gonna have to seize assets to protect themselves in their Old Age, as they have had zero options to build up savings and equity to do it so far ( and time is running out if you are 40 years old like I am ).

So Generation Rent will have to Tax The Rich just to survive. A 'safety' is already in play here, but it is not big enough yet.

The nippers? They'll calm down a bit as they get older, and they'll get smarter in their politics. For now I'm happy to leave them to it ( I'm ex-Green after all ).

The Baby-boomers? Yup, still the barrier.

Basically we need to split the Baby-boomers in 2. Only about 30% of them vote Lefty, and in a world of FPTP that just isn't enough. So...

There are 2 major groups in the Baby-boomers I know of. The 70-75 crowd ( well into old age. Health declining, and NHS usage up A LOT ), and the 60-65 crowd ( recently retired. Still hanging in there. Just GP users mostly ).

If the 70-75 crowd have to pay through the nose, because the State is too small to cover them, then that might wake up the 60-65 crowd as to recognising the need to repair The State.

What you also have to remember is that said Baby-boomers are all 'market types'. They like choice.


How do you reverse a privatisation? Replace the iffy Shareholder-laden company with one that is in a much better place debt-wise ( like a Co-Op ). It's not Labour's Clause 4 'buy-back' agenda, as that would massively ramp up the already-back-breaking debt we have. It's the Co-Op Revolution.

Over the next 5-10 years services will reach a 1980's level of low. And the numbers of poor people will grow, and said poor people will get VERY jealous of the rich people.

So there will be two major desires showing up. Desires for...: Better incomes ( including better Benefits for those injured ). And also better Services ( including Social Housing ).

And the Baby-boomers will be dying off.

At the same time the Torys will have sat there for ages saying that people have to make do with less, whilst the Torys themselves roll with cash in front of said now-poor people. A clear double-standard.

And that is Labour's path back to power. As the pensioners die off those in pain, because of what said pensioners did, will need a rescuer. A Housing leader, a Europe leader ( as the rise in prices due to Brexit going bad will have stung A LOT of people ), a Medical leader, and a Services leader.

And the Rich will be hated by then, as said Rich will have lied so often that no-one will ever trust them again. So they will become VERY tax-able. Which pays for the repairs.

Blair 2.0. Possibly a Woman, who knows.


To get this Blair 2.0 in place as quickly as possible, to minimise the pain for people like me, we need that person on the campaign trail now. Building trust.

Corbyn has waded in, fired on the Army ( a national religion ), fired on Blair ( who gave a lot of people help ), and is also trying to cosy up to gay-bashing Putin.

He is hated because of that. Only the core vote of Labour will back him. Us Swing Vote will not back him.

I know Sarah Jones is a good candidate, but Corbyn is so extreme that any small victory will be used to keep him in place ( yes, Momentum is that dodgy ). So Corbyn must not have any victories.

So I need Corbyn to lose hard. Scorched-Earth hard. So that his fanatics have literally no ammunition to work with. So that he can be ousted quickly.

So that Blair 2.0 can start grinding away at the stubborn-ness of this Baby-boomer vote. The sooner Blair 2.0 gets into play the sooner this Big Grind against the stubborn-ness of the dominant vote ( the Baby-boomers ) can begin.

It is about shaming. That's how you beat stubborn. You make sure that they can see the ruin they created, and just keep doing it until they play the damn game again. Like putting a cat's nose in it's poop when it refuses to use the litter tray. You just keep shaming them. With more and more of us looking at them with hatred in our eyes.

They'll break. As their numbers die off, and more and more people at street level grow to hate them.

They started it when they chose to do something ghastly 35 years ago, and we are left with the debt they created. So we have to Tax the Rich. Which means we have to get those Baby-boomers to change.

And we need people realising that this has to happen. Hence why the 70-75 year old crowd need to take a big hit, so that the 60-65 crowd wake up to the mistakes being made. We need these people to wake up from their ridiculous day-dreams.

People who, so far, still think that mass-scale Tax Avoidance works; because it did for them personally, and they do not care about anyone else. Severe levels of stubborn-ness and selfish-ness are what we are up against.

So we ARE talking about grinding them down. And scaring them too. And it is going to take time.

Which is why you have to offer Socialism-lite at first. Corbyn is trying to change too much too quickly. The people of the UK have never really gone with fast change.

Offer a fixed up Social Care, paid for by Taxing the Rich. The stuff of Ed.

Offer a repaired NHS, paid for by Taxing the Rich. Ed again.

Offer an expansion in Social Housing, paid for by... Guess.

Make sure the Army is properly looked after. Paid for by...?

Mansion Taxes. The 50p rate. All the stuff of Ed. And it's small steps. With time maybe the 60p rate might be an option too. When people have seen that small amounts of Taxing The Rich can work.

Do you see what I mean? It's all paid for by Taxing The Rich. Leaving us mere mortals in a better place. But it has to be done slowly, as said Baby-boomers have a habit of siding with The Rich as they try to dodge their Care Fees & Inheritance Tax. You have to show the older vote that 'little bits of Socialism are ok'.

Socialism-lite. Ed's turf. Not Corbyn's Socialism-max.

And Corbyn is a stubborn old man too. He doesn't do the right thing. He's a Careerist, who plays the Far Left to get his votes. Hence why he didn't resign after losing Brexit for his party ( the biggest vote in a generation ); and also why he is sorting out a safe seat for his son. He's just another MP on the rob for personal gain. Nothing more.

Oh, and he's a Brexit-eer.

And his fanatics are also stubborn. So they will need to see him crash and burn badly, so that they are forced to wake up.

2017 needs to be lost badly, so that 2022 can be a glimmer of hope.

Sometimes you have to lose to win.

As the Baby-boomers die off Generation Rent will just get bigger and bigger; and that will be the game changer.

Forcing the 60-65 years old crowd to wake up, by letting the 70-75 years old crowd fall, will speed this process up a bit.

The Young will join Generation rent, bolstering their numbers.

But it has to be Ed's line. With patience behind it. 5-10 years of patience.

Not the rush-job that is dodgy old Corbyn.


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Election Time. Election 2017.
So here we go.

Around here The Greens are corrupt. Esther turned a blind eye to significant violence, and Shasha is so incompetent he is now ass-deep in debt because he picked a Legal Battle he could not win.

So they are stupid. Not really Govt material.

Labour also turned a blind eye to Esther's iffiness, and are now declaring for Brexit. Corbyn. The Rich Boy Career Politico who used the Far Left to turn the Moderates of Ed Miliband into the Brexit-eering nutters of... Well, the local nutters.

The Torys? Tax-dodging corrupt disability-bashing Brexit-eers.

Who is left?

Lib-Dems? Bingo.

Croydon does need change. The same-old same-old has brought this place to ruin. Plus we need to stay in Europe to stop the English Voters from doing the evil things they do. I had high hopes for Croydon Labour. But it was the same faces as 2005, and they had not learned a thing since then. And... Then Corbyn was forced on us. And I left Labour.

I'm a Co-Op kinda guy, because I don't do Shareholders. But with Labour as badly compromised as it is these days I have no choice but to Protest Vote.

I'll be voting Lib-Dem. Tactically. To send a rocket up Corbyn's ass.

I think we need some new blood going into the veins of Croydon Politics; and getting a Lib-Dem presence going in Croydon may well shake things up enough. If the 48% back them then that will be a big change in dynamic for Croydon ( and you know full well that Croydon needs change ).

The Polls? When averaged they are accurate. And so far we have the following:

Here are the 2010 Polls. Torys have the lead, but not by enough. Labour in second, with the Lib-Dems 3rd. The Coalition then happened. So the Polls were accurate.

Here are the Polls for Election 2015. A slight lead to the Torys, that translated into the slight majority ( 12 seats ) Theresa May has at present.

Here are the latest Polls on Corbyn. A complete & utter collapse for Labour, due to massive SWP & Green Party sabotage of Ed's work.

We need Ed back. But until it happens we need to think tactically. I'd rather have Tory-lite in Europe ( the Lib-Dems ) than Tory-max outside of Europe's restraint ( the Torys ).

Corbyn is not even worth looking at. And can't possibly win. So we are looking at Tory-lite in Europe or Tory-max outside Europe. Blame the baby-boomers ( they have forced this on us ), but even so; that's your choice.

So, decision made. Lib-Dem it is. Protest Vote sure; but it's still a declaration for Europe, instead of *spit* England.

The Lib-Dems took a beating at Election 2015. They know that helping the Torys again will be suicide for them.

The Plan. I have always said that I am swing vote. I am loyal to policies & principles, NOT croneys & manipulators.


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PIP-Watch and The Universal Credit.
You know what this is, I know what this is, and the govt are up to something...

The Consultation is here ( .pdf download ). For t' record.

A Summary.Collapse )

So, so far, it's the 2 tiers for Care that will lead to an obvious benefits cut for some.

Newspaper stuff under here.Collapse )

ESA Stuff.Collapse )

An £11 billion stealth benefits cut to everyone on low incomes. Shifting from RPI to CPI once again.

As of 11/07/2012 at 11:39

Croydon Cuts.

Croydon cuts.Collapse )

Media Articles are under here.Collapse )

Baby-counting. How to make it humane. 22-6-17 version.
Ok, this subject.

Don't get me wrong, we need to be more responsible with our breeding ( baby-factories can't happen ) as we live in a world of finite resources; but...

IDS has gone too far ( once again ). This time on this whole 'were you raped?' Child Benefit thing.

Rape is a complex subject. And a dark & nasty one too.

The base assumption that a male can't possibly understand is both ignorance & sexism. Please keep that rubbish to yourself.

And onwards...

Ok, let's have a basic line-in-the-sand first: If you use a kid as a cash-cow, instead of raising a kid to be an independent & educated citizen, then you will harm that kid.

As the parent you go out to get the food, AND you go out to get the education.

Popping out a nipper to get a Council Flat is, well, I've never seen it end well.

So being a parent is not a career or lifestyle choice. It's about a life in your hands that you then have to raise.

So you'll need some help? Maybe some training? That's fair enough as far as I a concerned.

When a lass is raped, if she speaks out, then there should be Local Records. Charity stuff etc etc.

If you believe in getting her the help she needs there will also be medical records as well. IAPT these days, plus the Family GP.


If she has been raped, even if The Police can't get a conviction for what-ever reason, it takes a hell of an actor ( actress in this case ) to fake injuries for that long. Let's face it, Benefits Fraudsters are usually caught.


From a Govt level the medical and charity data existing locally should be pretty reliable. Safe enough to make a decision on.


I argue that this decision should be made Locally. By the people who helped & possibly re-housed her. Council Social Services. Tied to Council Tax & Housing Benefit stuff, as it is about 'subsistence'.


If she has been raped the evidence and conversation already happening Locally can continue as she gets the help she needs to get past such an awful experience. Including confirming that she is real ( a normal check for any Charity or Therapist etc ). She won't even know it is happening, as she will be being talked to by skilled medical people.

And then a Social Care budget can be assigned at a Council level to make sure that that nipper stays safe. Like Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit. Instead of finding a home for said nipper ( like in days gone by ) the £13.70 per week ( I believe that is how much it is ) can be assigned to her from Council Funds.

In this country Social Care is buckling. Due to a lack of funding.

Much as the Baby-factory phenomena is real, including the education 'benefits' being played in some cases, it is NOT a vast army of fraudsters. In my experience one of the parents is usually ill in some way ( I've been working at street level for a decade, for those who don't know ), and that is why that household has become so Benefits reliant. But that's something Govt might not understand ( the allegations that people are workshy coming from Priti Patel are, well, concerning. That one is utterly clueless ).


If the system runs smoother, because all branches are talking to each other, then the repetition ( the patient having to say their story over & over again ) will be reduced. That makes the whole 'applying for help after a rape' process more comfortable ( which is important when you are talking about patient care ). And considering that Croydon is the UK's only Asylum Hub it gets A LOT more complex than just the occasional Rape Case.

What if the lass who has been raped, or even coerced into sex, has Mental Health problems? And was taken advantage of? That would mean a significant Local support network would be needed to keep her safe.

So she still gets her money with my suggestion, but she also gets it all integrated into one straight-forward Care Package. A proper safety net.

I'm not opposed to limiting how many kids a family has, but accidents do happen ( as do serious crimes ). We can't have kids suffering too.

If Local Services assess someone who has 'had an accident' and find a mum too ill to work full-time, who is alone for whatever reason, they can help her. Instead of leaving said kid to starve ( & ultimately radicalize, usually into one of the Local Thugs that then costs us a fortune in Policing ).

And what if Normal Marital Failure has led to a mum (typically) being left with 3 kids to fend for because dad is being a dick ( in plain english )? Where does she get the money needed to pay for the services she needs to, well, get the money... ( surely, if he is the bad-guy, he should be charged instead of her? )

And what if they planned for 3 kids & had a job, & then someone ended up injured?

Having come from a one-parent family, who had to live under the horrors of Thatcher, I assure you you must not leave these parents to slide into poverty. Poverty wrecks people. And the kids ALWAYS take a hit.

So how would this be paid for?

Increase the Govt money coming to Councils for Social Care sure, but...

Part of it is a Mansion Tax. Yes, we adjust Care Fees so that The Rich pay in more. Social Care has many tiers to it, and can be VERY complex. But one thing remains true. It's rigged so that The Rich pay less than they should.

Just like how, when The Rates became Council Tax, The Rich were given a Tax Cut... I say we reverse that Tax Cut, & force The Rich to pay up.

This means Old People sitting on piles of gold they accrued by voting for Low taxes for 35 years ( burning everyone else in the process ) get a big bill, so that the local Downes Kiddies get a nice mini-bus to take them out. In simple terms.

A classic Tax Dodge for Child Benefit is here. Bumping your money sideways to the ol' pension. Something only Rich people can do.

I would hope it obvious that if the combined Household Income is £80k pa then they should be paying more Child Benefit Tax then a single mum earning £55k pa...

Tax Dodges. For years. This is why our Economy is now wrecked, and why our people are sliding back into Poverty & Homelessness.

I just don't care anymore. The Rich have taken the michael for 35 years now, and have wrecked our key services with their greed & their short-sighted rubbish. It doesn't matter what you do or say, or who suffers & dies, they will still try & make you feel guilty for forcing them to pay Tax. Usually using their chums in the Newspapers to mislead you in some way.

And that awful agenda they roll with needs to end.

I do believe in responsible Breeding ( family planning etc ). We are a small Island after all. But...

Making someone's life hell because they were raped is a real no-no. I want that lass (typically) to have the Care Package they need. Including any help should they become pregnant due to the attack.

Including making sure that that nipper does not starve or get put in an orphanage ( like what used to happen in 1960's England after an incident like a rape ).

I discuss Broken Home factors here.

The Politics of Jealousy is real. Jealousy is a powerful & blind emotion.

With the Baby-factory phenomena here is what I have so far on the Psychology behind it. It's not great, & Social Services should be keeping an eye on it.

This whole thing is barbaric. Finite resources are finite resources, but we do not have to be this cruel. And who on earth Tax Dodges when there are kids involved? A real monster, clearly.

If we can give a lass an implant to protect her from pregnancy ( technology etc ) then we must be able to give her medical & social support after something as ghastly as a rape.

And it is off-the-scale obvious that if you want services then you are going to have to pay for them. There is no Golden Goose or Tooth Fairy. So Tax Dodging when you are wealthy is a real no-no.

Has this country really fallen apart this much? It's looking like a right dump to me these days.


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Switching off Human Rights.

Trump is now in the White House, and is trying to talk us into thinking he has stopped Nuclear War by being friends with the Russians.

This is Gay-bashing Putin and his chums, all of whom are Millionaire/Billionaire Oligarchs making a fortune from Govt.

What do these crowds have in common. They're both Christians, and both not great on Human Rights ( the American War on Woman is deeply concerning ).

So far it's the usual battle lines. Switching off abortion and reducing workers rights.

Obviously over here we have an agenda so Right Wing the NSDAP would be approving. Genuine 1930's German Policy happening in UK shores. Oh, and the UK Govt is no longer investigating or recording the deaths of the Disabled People they kill off with this deliberate neglect.

Also being done by Christians who aren't big on Human Rights.

The thing about Human Rights is that they are expensive. The Rich have to pay Tax to pay for the Tribunals & Lawyers needed so that us Poor People can get the Legal Access we need.

Cameron ramped up the Fees on Tribunals. Loads of people can no no-longer afford to defend themselves from dodgy bosses ( myself included at one point ).

In America if you fall ill and your Insurance is out you face Bankruptcy.

Russia just leaves you to die. Let's be honest.


Across the entire Northern Hemisphere Rich People ( Putin & the Republicans ) are trying to switch off Human Rights, so that they can justify paying less in Tax.

Whilst waving the 'war' flag to try and scare you into letting them.

Over here it's the Torys, doing the same thing.

And now Brexit has happened, with all of that dishonesty.

So here are 2 articles to get you thinking.

- The Bad-boy of Brexit. The man who funded Farage. And his Russian links.

- How some Climate Sceptics are arguing that Free Speech means that it is ok to lie to you. In the UK Govt...


We have an argument that it is ok to lie to you as it is Free Speech, at UK HOUSE OF COMMONS level.

We have Trump & Putin 'making peace to save the world', as they proceed to switch off huge swathes of your rights.

We have genuine 1930's Neo-Nazi arguments being used in the UK AT GOT LEVEL.

We have the dishonesty of Brexit. Including all of those Newspapers happily ignoring the experts and making up any old crap to try & convince you it will be brill.

All funded by Rich people, who are happily lying to the populace to swing elections. The Daily Mail, the Express, and The Sun; all fibbing away; and all run by rogue Billionaires. As your NHS now proceeds to collapse again ( like it did in the 1980's ).

All of this is Rogue Billionaires, trying to switch off Human Rights. And it is truly International.

And now we have the threat of a Euro-war due to Gibraltar. Even though Brexit was a lie.

Oh, and against 27 States we can't possibly win. So it's a suicide run for that Task Force.

Unless Theresa drags in Putin? By doing a deal?

And there you have it. With Trump threatening to switch off NATO. So, it'll be Britain & Putin vs. Europe ( Jeremy Corbyn will approve I assure you ).

And bye-bye go your Rights.

With America unable to help, due to Trumps shock victory.

The end of the Free World, unless you're in Europe.

So we have a certain lack of empathy, and some proper-nasty agendas, showing up in the UK Govt ( and other Govts too ). Is this a coincidence? Cocaine will reliably make you go mad after all.

Here's the nasty bit. In the Victorian Age we used to send our unwanteds to The Army. And then get them killed off in Wars. Often pointless Wars.

Our old people are carrying this agenda again ( the voting record is clear as crystal here ).

I have even heard Old people saying that we need another war, as we have too many young men.

That's why the 1950's was a 'utopia' with a major job surplus. All our Young Men were dead due to WW2. And these senile old fools are trying to bring that back.

With the help of the English Establishment, who are genuinely willing to do anything to avoid paying Tax.

It's certainly revolution material. Normal Street-level people will explode. And if the Army refuses to obey, like what the Red Army did to bring down Communism?


None of this is good. It can only end badly. And yet our Rich just won't stop.

Someone has to stop them.

Let's hope the Voting system is still robust enough with this many geriatrics floating about.

I did warn you that the senile vote was going to be trouble.


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Article 50 strategy.

Some of this is personal ( on the work blog? Hello? ) but... Article 50 will hit many of us in a rather personal place; our identity.


The plan is actually pretty straight-forward.

There is no way to stop these OAP's without shaming them. So the shaming will continue. Their greed, racism, & general all-round cruelty, is just not civilised. But...

We can't stop them. As I said.

So we mustn't be seen to be approving, but we also have to cover our own bases.

So we shame them, whilst using accuracy ( not some idiot drunk down the pub ) to show that we ( the 48% ) are the best & most-accurate. We make them feel bad, as they are behaving badly. Like how you deal with naughty children? Pretty much, yes.

We also survive the storm of the next 5-10 yrs by making sure that home is covered. Home is how you stay healthy. Without it you are stuffed.

We also vote Lib-Dem any way we can to get as many pro-EU people into play. The Greens are just too dodgy to rely on I'm afraid ( #CroydonTweet ).

And we wait. For said OAP's to die off.


What choice do we have? We can't restrain them, can't kill them, and even our shaming of them won't cut the coldness of some of their hearts ( yes, for real ). So what other option is there? We have to wait. And ride it out.

The up-sides?

- There will be a pile of data in 5-10 yrs clearly showing the ruin Brexit has taken us to. And we know it was the older English that foisted this on us.

- Everyone will have been burned, bar a chunk of The Rich. Even said OAP's that have done this will have been burned a bit. No-one will ever trust The Rich again. Come Ze Revolusion etc.

- We're UN condemned for Disability Bashing. If the UN stick to their guns then the supply of Trade Deals for the Torys & Brexiteers will be limited. Ideally VERY limited. As in, we end up being sanctioned.

- The heart of the British Empire will finally be dead. And teh Torys, as a political force, will be mostly extinct. With those OAP's dead, & everyone else burned in some way, who would be crazy enough to vote Tory? Not many.

It's ideal material to finally kill off the English establishment. We can then justify Taxing The Rich, as said Rich People will have been proven to be garbage.

Yes, it sucks. But sometimes confrontation is needed.

The down side? Yes, there is one. Obviously.

We're talking mass-scale hunger & misery, with significant declines in other things ( like finding a place to live ). With education cuts & an already-failing NHS. And with a bigger & bigger Public Debt, and a bigger & bigger wave of cruelty & violence.

Financially save the kids. The OAP's are loaded, so just leave them to cover themselves. Don't give them any more. They've already hoarded enough to avoid harm in their old age, and we need to force them to cough up now ( jobs for the kids ). So don't give them any more money. Send it to the kids.

And contain this OAP extremist-vote any ( voting ) way you can. Keep it civilised, to show that we are not as bad as them.

And then wait.

It's only 5-10 yrs.

I'll be 50 by the end of this storm. My retirement might still be ok ( with a Pension too! ).

Yes, I do feel that Europe will have to help us rebuild after this monumental suicide run; but the Far Right want war, so they should be allowed to have it. In a peaceful way of course.

Once they have been hungry enough for long enough their will to fight will go. And then we can get back to some sane politics.

Life is about cycles. We haven't had a major Euro-war for years, so the People have forgotten how bad it can really get. They are bloated and over-privileged in many a place now, and that over-privilege is... Not realistic to how life works. It was inevitable that something bad go down.

And it is clearly our turn to be the bad-guy.

At least it'll just be a War of Words this time. Mostly. But there is a MAJOR dark side too. When the bad-guys are let off the leash, like what the Torys are doing, it is never pretty.

Watch out for the Disabled & Injured. They want us working or dead. And with Legal Aid switched off, & Mental Health prejudice still so common-place, we are going to be the first to suffer ( and on occasion die ). For real.

We may even need to kill our 'oppressor' to get out of the stuff we are to be forced in to if some of the stuff I've heard in the community holds true. Modern Slavery is back en-vogue in certain camps, and those camps will come for us.

For the disabled it is going to get bad. VERY bad. And that is all VERY real.

And yes, I do mean using Lethal Force to get out of things like Modern Slavery. The Police are useless; so what other option is someone left with if the bad-guys come a-knocking, and a CID Sgt lies on record ( for example )? Seriously. It's all fine & dandy for some politico to tweet & pose, but if you are being beaten in your own home where is your way out? As I said, this WILL get REALLY nasty in places. The English are NOT a pleasant crowd.

When I say 5-10 years of storm I mean it. Pain, misery, & hunger, will all happen. And violence & cruelty. That's what these people want. So you may well be forced to protect yourself if you are unlucky.

Such is life.

Only attack if you are forced to. You have to be seen to be defending yourself in the eyes of the Law. Even if a Copper lies the Judge is the Judge, and you can use force to defend yourself as long as it is reasonable. So they have to 'hit' you first. And you have to take it, get back up, & slap 'em back in a way that is seen as reasonable.

Which means Home Defence & all-sorts, as the nutters are now free to operate ( again ).


Much as it is a war of words ( not mass-scale Bomber Fleets levelling whole towns ) it WILL be bad. Not WW2 levels of bad, but certainly bad enough. This many people getting hungry & desperate rarely goes down well. Keep each other safe.


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A new case! Cor! Punk Medicine ahoy!
This is anonymised, but it does show that some Dr's are still living in the dark ages.

In the late 80's & early 90's there was quite a street market for Temazepam. Said Punks would go to a Dr, get a prescription, sell half, then take half. They would then go back for a repeat prescription, and be able to afford nice things whilst ill & on Benefits.

It was an act of survival by said Punks ( they were mega-poor I assure you ), but from a medical perspective it did create a lot of junkies too. The system was genuinely being abused. And many Dr's just handed over another script, instead of checking on where said pills were going.

Fast-forward 25 years and there are those who will still try this trick on the NHS, to top up their low incomes. Indeed.

Dealers are dealers.

The NHS is allowed to count the pills it prescribes to you, and if they feel that there is a problem they are allowed to act.

So there is a reasonable defence against these abuses. One based on evidence. And when the proof is there further action can happen.

I have a new case, and it would appear that a Dr has made a questionable judgement call. At this stage all I know is that a former Diazepam User ( who I shall not name ) had their Diazepams removed and replaced with an Anti-psychotic.

Several "it doesn't works" later ( treatment-resistant Schizophrenia AHOY! ) the bloke is now so affected by the medication side-effects he can barely walk, and he also has SEVERE shakes.

His Dr's are insisting it is fine, as his quality of life disappears down the loo.

In fact they are saying that it is his only option. They are out of choices etc. That's their line.

The Diazepam worked. It's an Opiate.

In Schizo-world there is no such thing as perfection. If you have a choice between 60% 'recovery' & 30% 'recovery' you opt for 60%, because it is better than a kick in the testicles. 30% recovery is often pretty-damn unpleasant. Your quality of life goes down the toilet.

The Diazepam worked. Well, well enough anyway. And they took it away, and left him in hell instead.

There are several key points to make here:

1) There is a not a single Dr in the land that is allowed to make it up. Even with the best of intentions there has to be proof of what happened etc. Guesswork is high-risk, generally frowned upon, and a MAJOR no-no if the patient is then harmed in some way by it.

2) Deprivations of liberty ( Sectioning ) have to be justified in the full eyes of the law.

3) If you feel that the patient is abusing their medications ( like those Punks of olde and their enterprising ways ) then you have to actually prove it. Guesswork will get you nowhere fast in a genuine legal setting. As a Dr you are allowed to pill-count ( for example ) to protect yourself from abuses, but you have to have real proof before you use your safeguards.

4) You aren't allowed to injure your patient. Pure & simple.

5) CBD Oil? It has a calming & 'sleep-inducing' effect. Could that work?

6) From a Govt AND Recovery-pathway Perspective how on earth are you supposed to get some work in ( recent Govt decisions ) if your health is being trashed by Medication Side-effects. This bloke is pretty stuffed at present I have to say.

The poor bloke can barely walk where the Meds are so rough. I will need to find out more, but it looks like this bit of North London medicine still thinks that it is the 1990's.

Bit of a worry.

Yeah, I'm just waiting on the nod before I start to check the evidence. It might be an Old-School shrink who hasn't had any top-up training in 20-odd years ( how is that even allowed? ), but it might be a risk-averse shrink being that wrong side of paranoid. The decision doesn't make sense at this stage. My possible new client's quality of life has clearly collapsed.

Yeah, I'll have to see what is going on; but his health decline on these newer anti-psychotics is obvious; and that doesn't add up unless the Dr in question is a right muppet. When you're allowed to pill-count ( like what we have in Croydon ) saying "it's addictive, so I am going to destroy your life instead" is a bit of a no-no.

Medication isn't perfect. You use the one that works, as it is cleared for use by some VERY smart people. If it is cleared for use then it is an option, regardless of the Dr's personal fears & concerns. C'est la vie.

Who is the expert? Usually the person with the most-recent training. And many Shrinks have not had an update in, well, too long. It's not the 1990's any more.

Human Rights is Human Rights. Spikey-haired Human Rights too.

Hubris: To assume too much. Please don't do it.


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Politics & Punks.
The problem is thus:

Punk, in it's various shapes & sizes, and rock/metal for that matter, is a fashion scene. Inhabited by Humans.

Human Rights apply to Humans. Apparently ( this Govt are a touch questionable ).

And here-in lies the problem.

Old White Men created the glass ceiling that bashed/bashes many an innocent woman ( it's not over yet ).

Those same Old White Men happily kicked in us punky-types too. They took one look at us, sneered, and then left us unemployed.

Partly because they saw us as an embarrassment or failure ( as we all have to be the same apparently ), and partly because they needed a scapegoat to create hate & division. UK Politics is rather Divisive after all. Someone always gets burned to justify Tax Cuts, & they are usually innocent too... ( we're condemned by the United Nations for disability-bashing for a reason ).

And I work in Politics.

And I am hunted because of this. Even by my own people at times.

And here-in lies the problem. By my own people. I'd expect the rival team to give me shit, as that's what Politics is about; but when my own people burn me it gets on my wick ( subtle hint Croydon Labour. You deserve to lose a few faces in 2018 ).

For a Punk type to be seen to be getting it right & saving lives is good for Human Rights. It IS just fashion after all.

And... It's important that people understand where I come from & what I have seen.

Yes, fine, I have seen lasses dancing near-naked in a club on the dancefloor. I fell in love with a couple of them too. So what? It's nothing you wouldn't see on a Spanish Beach.

But I don't like the idea of sex in Public, so don't go to the places where they have sex in Public.

It's called choice, & it is perfectly ok. Vive le difference. It's not my cup of tea, & never was. I'm a cabaret kinda guy.

My lot, both in Olde London Town, AND in Uni places, kept their clothes on in the clubs ( mostly. She was amazing, as was she ). Yes fine, that dress may well be non-existant; but it still covered about the same material size as a Bikini.

Hurrah for showgirls!

Profumo was a long time ago; and was a whore, not a showgirl.

That's the line for me. It's nothing you wouldn't see on a Spanish beach. And, obviously, I can't stand whores ( love is never about money ).

As for Career I spent years studying, and years rebuilding my life after significant injuries. I'd like what Career I can hold down ( I am injured after all ) to last more than 5 minutes.

So when I am fired on by my own people, purely because I do not follow the latest Social Trend, I get pissy.

I will defend myself.

And I will grass.


Cocaine changes people. It brings in certain things like Delusion, Aggression, and Paranoia. And yes, it does show up everywhere these days. Even in the House of Commons loos ( time to pee-pee test MP's I feel ).

I have 2 foot long hair for a reason. 1 is that I like it. The second is that I can prove my drug history in a very scientific way ( and pass a pee-pee test too ). And yes I have been psych-evalled on MANY an occasion, and yes I pass those too ( I'm classed as a high-functioning Schizophrenic ).

I sit on, amongst other things, the South London & Maudsley's Mental Health Act & Law committees. And I make sure that Human Rights are used, even if you are a hairy beast with half your willy encased in chrome.

SLaM is now team-working with Oxleas ( South Bromley ). So yes, I do show up over a big patch. I've even been on TV.

Do you want a paranoid aggressive idiot representing you? You know, with Human Rights coming under scrutiny in 2018? You've already had your genital piercing declared FGM without your permission. How far do you want this Right Wing Extremism to go?

Someone has to oppose these dodgy Old White Men. And I can, as my youthful dalliances were actually pretty small-fry ( I was never the dealer ). And I am one of you.

Barak Obama moved towards ending Drug Prohibition. I openly declare my trust in Professor Nutt's work. Subtle hint there.

But it has to be done by the vote. And that means that you have to win an election. Which, in the age of sleaze etc ( poor old Keith Vaz being outed as gay like that ), means that you need a rep that is fairly clean ( squeaky-clean doesn't happen, obviously ).

And I help to make sure people get a fair break in Mental Health services. I know a lot of the ropes already...

I just don't see the problem here. I don't want my career ruined by sleaze, do not want some junkie going for me as they are too inebriated, and would actually like to go out Dancing on occasion too. These are reasonable desires.

So why am I being fired on by the Looney-Left? From their sex-clubs. Because my diction isn't perfect enough, or because I don't follow the latest fashion-BLAH ( I'm a retro kinda guy ). Serious question. Last I read actions count, and there are over 2000 different dialects & slangs in the UK alone ( it's a VERY rich tapestry out there ).

And no, you won't see that Tapestry in OxBridge. Because of Old White Men and their manipulations.

The evidence is always on my side. You must have spotted that. I am careful, so as to stay credible. Not all Punks are bad. Fashion is supposed to be fun, not gangs & turf.


Cocaine changes you, and not in a good way. And the damn stuff is showing up everywhere these days.

It's perfectly ok for a group of people to get together in a location & get laid. Their homes may not be safe for what you would describe as normal youthful sexual experimentation, because of things like significant parental prejudice. So they gotta have their fun elsewhere. That's fair enough. I'm lucky that I have my own gaff. I'll defend those nippers to the hilt. Because they are innocent, & being persecuted.

But when bullying creeps in, because some moron snorted too much Cocaine, it all goes wrong.

It took me 1.5 years to recover from the horrendous bullying I had to endure in Croydon. All because I slagged off a couple of wife-beaters. Does that sound like a crowd of innocents to you?

Cocaine changes you. And not in a good way.

And those female-only jails are not empty. Subtle hint.


Rant over.

Seriously, can we stop being knobs now please. 1984 ( the book ) was a warning, not an instruction manual. My wording may not be perfect, but my actions are fine. And, when the cards are down, it's actions that will save your bacon.

Offence doesn't work that way. Man/woman up Princess.

And I assume you know that bashing the disabled is naughty, unlike what some Croydon morons & crack-heads believe.

The Act We Act. As you do. When did you become so intolerant? You need to change. 1984 Wordcrime agendas are an act of genuine insanity. By you, not me. 2000-odd dialects, and you want to sterilise them. Think about it.

And yes it is ok to stare at Justin Trudeau's butt whilst celebrating his actions :p


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Why I am against IVF. Yes, I know...
Yes yes, I know. And I also know that the Local Looney-Left are on the case to try and get me shut down, because I have exposed their cover-up of Croydon City Centre Violence.


Why am I against IVF ( general statement )? Because, generally speaking, it has been used as an excuse not to adopt for a long time now.

So, let's have a few basic 'lines in the sand':

- IVF has been available on the NHS for about 10 years.

- My understanding is that, generally speaking, most women use IVF as they want to have a baby. This is important to remember, as there are one or two health conditions that can be cured by pregnancy ( and only pregnancy ).

- IVF only has a success rate of about 30%, and it's pricey too. So it's not the most reliable of systems.


Before the Local Nutters start to roll with their usual rubbish let's get things into perspective.

Not enough people are adopting. Good kids are being left to rot in conditions that, well, even with the best of intentions the cash is not there. So these kids grow up, in some cases, damaged. Drink, drugs, gangs, and a life out of work. That's not the best is it? Adoption improves their life chances. Which reduces the risk of future injuries, and leads to them needing to use less NHS Resource.

Oh, and they're happier. Which is also important ( for those who bean-count a little too much ). Adoption is a VERY big deal. It genuinely saves lives.

Much as I have no problem with IVF if it saves a woman's life, or improves her health outcomes generally, if it is purely because she wants a baby then... I'm far from happy to spend that money on her when those kids ( that we already have ) are rotting.

- I need that lass working & paying Taxes.

- I need those kids not ending up in jail or with drug addictions, so that NHS spend on them is reduced.

I need that as disabled people are suffering & dying.

These are the basic priorities for me. Healthy, working, and hopefully happy.

So if it cures a woman's 'BLAH' ( we had a recent meet where a couple of diseases were mentioned ) then if it's the cheapest cure then fair enough. As we need this woman cured. But if there is no 'BLAH', and it is just about the desire for family, then I don't see that as a medical priority when we have a huge pile of kids who need adopting.

That's it really.

You may find that offensive, but I can't sit here in good conscious and watch good kids rot because some women would rather try for a baby than adopt. We live in a world of finite resources generally, AND someone also voted Tory.

For the record: There were those at the meet who were up for "adopting 1 then IVF'ing the other". One of our Local gay Councillors has adopted 3. So it's a mixed bag out there.

Yeah. Can you justify leaving good kids we already have to rot? Because of designer baby arguments?

I can't. We have to put the kids ( and people ) we already have first. That is what Triage is, and in a world of VERY finite resources Triage is being forced on us.

As I said to Cllr Mansell 'find me the money without hurting the kids we already have'. I think that's fair.

I don't want women harmed or dead. That's just another lie. I've risked my safety in the past to get women in danger to safety. I have no idea what these nutters are going to do next to try and see my work destroyed, so there you go.

I know I'm not perfect, but trying to exaggerate me into some kind of monster is just depraved.

The source of it? I was left to die by everyone & their cat between 2002 and about 2007-ish. In 2007 my legs were gone proper. The stress of those years had been too much, and my legs simply blew. They will never heal.

I was told to my face repeatedly that it was because I did not have a job. I was too ill to hold down a job. This was in one major Pub in Croydon ( and a large social circle ).

If someone had actually been there for me I might still have my legs. Less stress would have been handy.

With my legs working I would easily be back at work by now. And earning good money too.

And, needless to say, these ladies do not want you knowing what they did ( putting money first like that ). Got to keep up those appearances.

And yes, I am not happy with what they did to me. The pain and isolation nearly killed me twice, AND it wiped out my legs ( and my future with that ).

Channel 4 and the Undateables program. I believe Scope now talk about dating the disabled too.

So they have stalked me and lied about me since then. It's a decade on, and they are still going. That's quite the obsession they have. I've never even met 1 or 2 of them ( it's just internet stuff ); but they heard a rumour, so it must be true...

Now factor in a certain lass who lied to protect her wifebeater, and the '1984 Word-crime crowd' who punish you for using slang, and all of those people who helped Scott et al kick me in for slagging off said wifebeater ( it took me 1.5 years to recover from that after even a CID Sgt lied on record to help them ).

That's the snowball. That many Local Crazies. All working together. Leaving me with significant life-changing injuries. And they won't want you knowing that.

Now factor in the internet, and how many crazies have shown up there from London AND Southampton. And yes, some people do know each other.

All because of a basic statement that all 'women are brill', that they want you to believe. Well, they weren't brill to me. And those female-only jails are not empty are they.

And yes, some of them are cocaine-fried. They are now delusional & violent, due to too much nose-candy. I'm sorry, but it is true.

I was always educated to judge people on their actions. And there are about 2000 regional dialects in the UK, including various slangs. All of which are obviously harmless. Since when did we decide to sterilise the whole UK's language? Clearly I missed a memo.

I'm also confident that the whole UK won't agree to having their language sterilised, so this '1984 wordcrime' agenda is doomed to failure.

The Depression Argument.

I love my work, but the sheer number of nutters you have to deal with is... Tiring.


Was this article useful? If so please consider donating to the cause. Only £3.00 is still a pint after a hard week. It all helps :)

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