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Politics charts. The Left & The Right.
This will no doubt change, as politics moves. New Labour would have started as slightly left really, although ending up Very Right by the end. And Cameron wants a better workforce by the looks of it, so will be trying to move left.

The Left.
Far LeftVery LeftLeft wing or Centre-LeftSlightly LeftThe Hallowed Centre.
The Old Soviet Block. Like Stalin etc etc. For the people, but only if the people were your mates. The bodycount for the Gulags was akin to Aushwitz and then some.

Communist China of old. Obey or get violence.
Socialist Workers Party.

The Communist Party of The UK.
Old Labour.The Green Party.

Lib Dems traditionally?

Fair Labour?

Baraks Democrats?
The Perfect Balance. An ideal.

Technically Impossible. Hence 'left a bit, right a bit'.
Violent DictatorshipDictatorshipThe Workers!Some worker biasn/a

The Right.
The Hallowed Centre.Slightly RightRight wing or Centre-RightVery RightFar Right
The Perfect Balance. An ideal.

Technically Impossible. Hence 'left a bit, right a bit'.
Red Toryism?

Lib Dems - Cleggs' crowd. The Orange Bookers?

Brown's Labour? He only got 3 years, and would have had resistance.
Old Tory's.Blair's New Labour, and the mahusive sell-out there.

Camerons' Torys and their cuts to The State? They insist The Private Sector will pick up the slack.

Communist Chinas' Economic Miracle? Their Human Rights are pretty nasty.

Bush's Republicans?
Adolf et al. They may have claimed to be lefties, but were only interested in business, getting rich, and power & control.

The British National Party.

The Tea Party in The US? They're making some worrying noises.
n/aSome business biasThe Managers!DictatorshipViolent Dictatorship

That looks about right. So... See how The Tory's count as a 'left a bit' due to The Blairite Betrayal? So much focus on the private sector they forgot the workers. And much as I do not mind a little Nationalism ( or we would not sweep the streets ) too much can create a real problem. As The BNP happily show.

The Centre parties seem to shift from 'left of...' to 'right of...' from issue to issue. So this is a basic stance for them. They are dynamic, and they can move with time. Unlike the parties of old, who are much slower to respond I'd say. Which is why I stay Lefty, even though I was educated as a Tory and do think like a businessman.

I feel the future of politics is 'local'. So the party may well be irrelevant, and the quality of the local staff will be the focus in the end. Skill, the higher game. Who is the best? Ideally I'd like to see The Whip gone. I don't like block-voting. And if a Tory MP comes up with a good idea there is no need for Labour to block it if it is good. Or vice-versa. And with more dynamic parties you do indeed have a race.

We move into skill, and out of the party policies that often squish local. And based on that who is the best is down to, well, who is the best. Not who is the best funded. Flags are just flags. It's policies that count. Major was a Tory, Benn was Labour. Both came up with good stuff. Who's sharpest to the current problems, and less infighting. A more gentlemanly game. Anger can blind. You need to keep it out of politics, or it will blind the people that make the decisions.

Fighting is what ruins British Politics. Hence 'Keep Calm, and Carry On.' Clear talk, no sleaze, do it properly.

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