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This is the news.

Just imagine the stiff upper lip accent pliz?

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Benefits Deaths & Injuries. What I have at present.
Ok, let's get this into some kind of order.

When it comes to deaths we have the following: As of Nov 15. It was a hard fought battle to get this data.

I was forced to estimate the deaths when IDS tried to hide the data. That estimation was too high ( thankfully ) but it leaves A LOT of people in pain.

The Govt has now wilfully stopped recording the deaths.

We are condemned by both the UN AND Europe for our cruelty towards Benefits Users.

Charities still speak out now, but are facing new Laws stopping them from talking about it.

The sources of stress are here. The Stress Chambers. There is so much pain out there at present.

We did have a mention in 2 articles of nearly 1m extra Anti-depressant Prescriptions going to people on benefits; but both those articles have now been taken down. As such I do not know what the official 'injury count' is.

Anti-depressants are up A LOT out there. Low Pay Britain, Benefits Britain, poverty Britain, Food-bank Britain, the list goes on. That's a LOT of arguably-avoidable stress.

Victorian Diseases continue to return.

And now we have this:

Sanctions are REALLY messing up people's Mental Health.

This is linked to this story on how Talking Therapy will become available in Job Centers, and slowly compulsory in some cases.

Here's the problem. Much as a Gentle Nudge ( to quote the Tory MP Dr Wollaston ) is useful in the odd case, and 'compulsory' does happen on occasion in Mental Health Care & Support, this Govt simply doesn't do gentle. Victorian Diseases are coming back after all. That's not gentle is it? ( Obvious stuff ).


How many Disabled or Unemployed people are now using Mental Health Support Services due to the system being too harsh? A serious question. I know that my ability to work has been reduced by this new system.

How many ill people are now being shoved into work, only to then relapse & have to be signed off again? Sanctions, and ESA-WRAG not being generous enough.

Apart from the lack of humanity in it ( it's truly psychopathic I assure you ) it's also financially wasteful.


How are you supposed to get a job if your health has failed?

Starving your work-force will not get them into work. It never works that way. They break instead.

And then us #NHS have to dive in & patch them up; and they aren't paying Taxes at that point I assure you...

And the kids? Apparently they don't need help. They are now getting the same money as adults, even though said kids can't go out to get a job to top themselves up like us Adults can...

Basically it's still a mess out there.

My recommendations are here ( pre-Brexit, so lob an extra tenner a week on for current prices ), for those interested.

As for it being like 1930's Germany out there here is a list of the Legal Changes so far that have taken us to such a low.


Was this article useful? If so please consider donating to the cause. Only £3.00 is still a pint after a hard week. It all helps :)

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