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Why Corbyn will fail in 2017.
Needless to say: if I am wrong I will look like a right muppet, but that is Politics for you.


I feel Corbyn will fail.

In fact I need him to fall. And fall hard.

It hasn't escaped my attention that some of my stuff has made it to cabinet and shadow-cabinet levels. Much as this is a compliment I am now keeping to my anti-Corbyn line. Why?


There are a number of major social trends going on at present.

1) The rise of the youth vote, still in their Green Party & SWP dreams. This is useful, but not big enough yet.

2) The Senile Vote of the Baby-boomers is getting more and more short-sighted as their faculties fail. Hence why so much racism is now openly spoken. They are big enough to affect govt too, and are VERY stubborn in how they operate. They will do something ghastly just to Tax Dodge. They already have.

3) Generation Rent still isn't big enough to tip the scale. We're getting close now, but we're not there yet. Not enough people are suffering yet.

Generation Rent are those who have lived it. From my age down they always end up with nothing; and they are gonna have to seize assets to protect themselves in their Old Age, as they have had zero options to build up savings and equity to do it so far ( and time is running out if you are 40 years old like I am ).

So Generation Rent will have to Tax The Rich just to survive. A 'safety' is already in play here, but it is not big enough yet.

The nippers? They'll calm down a bit as they get older, and they'll get smarter in their politics. For now I'm happy to leave them to it ( I'm ex-Green after all ).

The Baby-boomers? Yup, still the barrier.

Basically we need to split the Baby-boomers in 2. Only about 30% of them vote Lefty, and in a world of FPTP that just isn't enough. So...

There are 2 major groups in the Baby-boomers I know of. The 70-75 crowd ( well into old age. Health declining, and NHS usage up A LOT ), and the 60-65 crowd ( recently retired. Still hanging in there. Just GP users mostly ).

If the 70-75 crowd have to pay through the nose, because the State is too small to cover them, then that might wake up the 60-65 crowd as to recognising the need to repair The State.

What you also have to remember is that said Baby-boomers are all 'market types'. They like choice.


How do you reverse a privatisation? Replace the iffy Shareholder-laden company with one that is in a much better place debt-wise ( like a Co-Op ). It's not Labour's Clause 4 'buy-back' agenda, as that would massively ramp up the already-back-breaking debt we have. It's the Co-Op Revolution.

Over the next 5-10 years services will reach a 1980's level of low. And the numbers of poor people will grow, and said poor people will get VERY jealous of the rich people.

So there will be two major desires showing up. Desires for...: Better incomes ( including better Benefits for those injured ). And also better Services ( including Social Housing ).

And the Baby-boomers will be dying off.

At the same time the Torys will have sat there for ages saying that people have to make do with less, whilst the Torys themselves roll with cash in front of said now-poor people. A clear double-standard.

And that is Labour's path back to power. As the pensioners die off those in pain, because of what said pensioners did, will need a rescuer. A Housing leader, a Europe leader ( as the rise in prices due to Brexit going bad will have stung A LOT of people ), a Medical leader, and a Services leader.

And the Rich will be hated by then, as said Rich will have lied so often that no-one will ever trust them again. So they will become VERY tax-able. Which pays for the repairs.

Blair 2.0. Possibly a Woman, who knows.


To get this Blair 2.0 in place as quickly as possible, to minimise the pain for people like me, we need that person on the campaign trail now. Building trust.

Corbyn has waded in, fired on the Army ( a national religion ), fired on Blair ( who gave a lot of people help ), and is also trying to cosy up to gay-bashing Putin.

He is hated because of that. Only the core vote of Labour will back him. Us Swing Vote will not back him.

I know Sarah Jones is a good candidate, but Corbyn is so extreme that any small victory will be used to keep him in place ( yes, Momentum is that dodgy ). So Corbyn must not have any victories.

So I need Corbyn to lose hard. Scorched-Earth hard. So that his fanatics have literally no ammunition to work with. So that he can be ousted quickly.

So that Blair 2.0 can start grinding away at the stubborn-ness of this Baby-boomer vote. The sooner Blair 2.0 gets into play the sooner this Big Grind against the stubborn-ness of the dominant vote ( the Baby-boomers ) can begin.

It is about shaming. That's how you beat stubborn. You make sure that they can see the ruin they created, and just keep doing it until they play the damn game again. Like putting a cat's nose in it's poop when it refuses to use the litter tray. You just keep shaming them. With more and more of us looking at them with hatred in our eyes.

They'll break. As their numbers die off, and more and more people at street level grow to hate them.

They started it when they chose to do something ghastly 35 years ago, and we are left with the debt they created. So we have to Tax the Rich. Which means we have to get those Baby-boomers to change.

And we need people realising that this has to happen. Hence why the 70-75 year old crowd need to take a big hit, so that the 60-65 crowd wake up to the mistakes being made. We need these people to wake up from their ridiculous day-dreams.

People who, so far, still think that mass-scale Tax Avoidance works; because it did for them personally, and they do not care about anyone else. Severe levels of stubborn-ness and selfish-ness are what we are up against.

So we ARE talking about grinding them down. And scaring them too. And it is going to take time.

Which is why you have to offer Socialism-lite at first. Corbyn is trying to change too much too quickly. The people of the UK have never really gone with fast change.

Offer a fixed up Social Care, paid for by Taxing the Rich. The stuff of Ed.

Offer a repaired NHS, paid for by Taxing the Rich. Ed again.

Offer an expansion in Social Housing, paid for by... Guess.

Make sure the Army is properly looked after. Paid for by...?

Mansion Taxes. The 50p rate. All the stuff of Ed. And it's small steps. With time maybe the 60p rate might be an option too. When people have seen that small amounts of Taxing The Rich can work.

Do you see what I mean? It's all paid for by Taxing The Rich. Leaving us mere mortals in a better place. But it has to be done slowly, as said Baby-boomers have a habit of siding with The Rich as they try to dodge their Care Fees & Inheritance Tax. You have to show the older vote that 'little bits of Socialism are ok'.

Socialism-lite. Ed's turf. Not Corbyn's Socialism-max.

And Corbyn is a stubborn old man too. He doesn't do the right thing. He's a Careerist, who plays the Far Left to get his votes. Hence why he didn't resign after losing Brexit for his party ( the biggest vote in a generation ); and also why he is sorting out a safe seat for his son. He's just another MP on the rob for personal gain. Nothing more.

Oh, and he's a Brexit-eer.

And his fanatics are also stubborn. So they will need to see him crash and burn badly, so that they are forced to wake up.

2017 needs to be lost badly, so that 2022 can be a glimmer of hope.

Sometimes you have to lose to win.

As the Baby-boomers die off Generation Rent will just get bigger and bigger; and that will be the game changer.

Forcing the 60-65 years old crowd to wake up, by letting the 70-75 years old crowd fall, will speed this process up a bit.

The Young will join Generation rent, bolstering their numbers.

But it has to be Ed's line. With patience behind it. 5-10 years of patience.

Not the rush-job that is dodgy old Corbyn.


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