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Election Time. Election 2017.
So here we go.

Around here The Greens are corrupt. Esther turned a blind eye to significant violence, and Shasha is so incompetent he is now ass-deep in debt because he picked a Legal Battle he could not win.

So they are stupid. Not really Govt material.

Labour also turned a blind eye to Esther's iffiness, and are now declaring for Brexit. Corbyn. The Rich Boy Career Politico who used the Far Left to turn the Moderates of Ed Miliband into the Brexit-eering nutters of... Well, the local nutters.

The Torys? Tax-dodging corrupt disability-bashing Brexit-eers.

Who is left?

Lib-Dems? Bingo.

Croydon does need change. The same-old same-old has brought this place to ruin. Plus we need to stay in Europe to stop the English Voters from doing the evil things they do. I had high hopes for Croydon Labour. But it was the same faces as 2005, and they had not learned a thing since then. And... Then Corbyn was forced on us. And I left Labour.

I'm a Co-Op kinda guy, because I don't do Shareholders. But with Labour as badly compromised as it is these days I have no choice but to Protest Vote.

I'll be voting Lib-Dem. Tactically. To send a rocket up Corbyn's ass.

I think we need some new blood going into the veins of Croydon Politics; and getting a Lib-Dem presence going in Croydon may well shake things up enough. If the 48% back them then that will be a big change in dynamic for Croydon ( and you know full well that Croydon needs change ).

The Polls? When averaged they are accurate. And so far we have the following:

Here are the 2010 Polls. Torys have the lead, but not by enough. Labour in second, with the Lib-Dems 3rd. The Coalition then happened. So the Polls were accurate.

Here are the Polls for Election 2015. A slight lead to the Torys, that translated into the slight majority ( 12 seats ) Theresa May has at present.

Here are the latest Polls on Corbyn. A complete & utter collapse for Labour, due to massive SWP & Green Party sabotage of Ed's work.

We need Ed back. But until it happens we need to think tactically. I'd rather have Tory-lite in Europe ( the Lib-Dems ) than Tory-max outside of Europe's restraint ( the Torys ).

Corbyn is not even worth looking at. And can't possibly win. So we are looking at Tory-lite in Europe or Tory-max outside Europe. Blame the baby-boomers ( they have forced this on us ), but even so; that's your choice.

So, decision made. Lib-Dem it is. Protest Vote sure; but it's still a declaration for Europe, instead of *spit* England.

The Lib-Dems took a beating at Election 2015. They know that helping the Torys again will be suicide for them.

The Plan. I have always said that I am swing vote. I am loyal to policies & principles, NOT croneys & manipulators.


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Corbyn is facing slaughter. So...

I protest vote Lib-Dem, because they are the only non-corrupt non-incompetent party of Remain around here. If enough of us do it a rocket will be fired. And a big one. Nationally it will REALLY add up.

Corbyn is pro-Brexit, so he has chosen his side. Plus he just can't win.

So I help send a rocket up his ass.

I freely admit that it's a protest vote. But us 48% plus the Regret Vote is massive. Big enough to seriously shake the place up under FPTP.


Corbyn loses. Knowing Corbyn he will refuse to resign. But... By then he'll have lost the EU vote, a bunch of Locals next month, AND a General Election in June. No member will back him after that. So he'll be ousted. The return of the moderates.

And then we can focus on 2022. Which is sooner than having to focus on 2025 ( what we were looking at with Corbyn's GE happening in 2020 like it looked like ).

2017 is already lost. The Torys will landslide. But after 5 years of people getting poorer 2022 is Blair 2.0 territory ( see my video blogs ).

It's always the same. The Rich slit the throats of The Poor. Then The Poor rise up and slit the throats of The Rich in revenge.

Just think yourself lucky that it's not Mediaeval Times. Voting is better than real torches & pitchforks.

Whenever I break ranks it's because something big needs to be covered. Last time it was Andrew Pelling and Cameron's disgusting smear of him ( illegal Mental Health prejudice, and Cameron still did it ).

This time it's because Europe is important.

You NEVER show solidarity with the bad-guys. It's always best to lose as a hero wronged.

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