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Racial Language Translation Matrix.
Warning. Racially Inflamatory language.

In the interests of giving people justice there is a need to repeat statements made. Sadly, due to how bad racial abuse got for so long, many have some very deep running wounds. And the words alone can hurt them. It's a terrible thing.

Based on this there is the translation matrix below for this blog. So that accuracy is maintained, but injury is minimised. Well, I hope so anyway. The intent is to assist in the giving of justice to victims whilst maintaining enough accuracy to make any conviction safe. You have to be very careful with the wording obviously.

My stance is that I keep it as respectful as possible whilst maintaining accuracy. And I apologise in advance when using 'old terms'. But if I say ( apologies, here we go... ) 'paki bashing' we all know precisely what I am on about. There is no confusion. Total accuracy.

And in a court of law this will be vital as the bad guys hang themselves by this language. It has to be repeated for the record and accuracy ( and for the jury to judge ), but you have to keep it to a minimum due to these wounds. Be respectful. Those wounds won't heal without justice though. And the bad guys can obviously carry on if not stopped.

If the bad guy said 'pakistani [long version]', and the cop is not allowed to repeat it, then he can't testify can he? Not in an accurate enough way anyway. You can't simply ban words, but you can be respectful to others. If the little bugger yelled 'bloody Pakistani ( long version )!' whilst lobbing a bottle there is clearly a racially motivated thing there. You'll want that counted for sentencing.

I keep this 'accurate testimony' to an absolute minimum, and always apologise in advance. But it's not just a word. It's how you say it. Showing respect and apologising if you have to repeat. It's not risky either. You can't 'respectfully' slag someone off in a racist way. So the defence is still there. I'll show you:

"I respectfully called him a 'Pakistani ( long version )' as I stamped on his head".
"I respectfully called him a 'gollywog ( long version )' as I told him to return to his country of origin".

Doesn't quite work does it? You've still got them by the balls. As their actions and intent are not to help, they're to harm. And it's nice and obvious as well. Always handy for a jury.

They hang themselves on those words, so you have to be able to repeat them to get a good conviction. But you have to be very respectful due to the wounds people will have. We are still in a healing period, so I suggest alternative terms once the original accurate statement is made. So that any nerve jangling is kept to a minimum. But that justice can still be done for the victims of racially motivated crime. Well, on this blog anyway.

The matrix is thus:

Old 'street' term.Long version.Racial group it refers to.Modern version I will use.Bashing version.
Chinky.Chinese.The Chinese.The Chinese.Chinese bashing.
Sand-n*gg*r.n/aThe Arabs in general.Arabs.Arab bashing.
N*gg*r.Negro/ Negress.Black people generally.Black people.Black bashing.
Paki.Pakistani.Indians, Pakistani's, Sri Lankans.Indian People.Indian basing.
Wog.Gollywog.Black people.Black People.Black bashing.
Spick.n/aSpanish, Portugese.Spanish People.Spanish bashing.
Itie/ Wop.n/aItalians.Italian People.Italian bashing.
Jerries/ Krauts.n/aThe Germans in WW2.The Germans ala ww2.n/a
Gooks.n/aThe Vietnamese in The Vietnam War.The Vietnamese ala ww2.n/a
Japs/ Tojo.n/aThe Japanese in WW2.The Japanese ala ww2.n/a
So Indian Bashing is now translated IYSWIM. As is Black Bashing etc etc.

You can make the accurate statement ( including any old terms ) for the record, whilst apologising in advance, and then move onto these new terms ( the modern versions.) . Words are worth less than real justice ( knowing that little git is now in the slammer ). So the line in the sand has to be put somewhere. I'll start here.

I'm not aware of the Germans still beng iffy with WW2 references, but I know the black people, Indians, and chinese are still jumpy after recent abuse. So rather than tip-toe'ing through the minefield, and occasionally getting it wrong, this code here should cover it.

And I hope it's respectful enough to help, whilst keeping any 'necessary harm ( due to the need to repeat for the record )' to a minimum.


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