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The Tory War on The Young. Updated > 2017.
Right, this one...

As of 18/6/17:

Number of Nippers on Antidepressants in England rises by 12%.

As the race hate & skill shortages continue I hasten to add. IDS et al did this.

IDS may have championed Broken Britian, but he did not repair it. Those locations remain run down. Instead he let the race hate rise, whilst cutting education ( and, as such, life chances ). It's like he wanted a major BNP out-break ( I know, quite the coincidence that ).

Up to 20/7/16: As I'm sure you know dear reader I have been tracking what The Torys have been doing regarding kicking the living daylights out of our kids.

Firstly we have the job-centre failures here.

Now let's factor in how well The Old are doing Financially, but... Let's look at how they vote Specifically.

Specifically the approximate-75% of that Baby-boomer Vote that Votes Tory and has genuinely NEVER helped a younger generation. In fact they've happily asset-stripped the Youth to line their own pockets, which is a disgusting act.

The crunch is that 2008 changed everything. The massive increase in debt has made the Old Ways ( Low Taxes for the Rich. The Baby-boomer Way ) unaffordable. we need more Tax money coming in, or we lose key services. And tax take at present remains too low.

When you spend more than you Tax you sink into debt; and yes, the Baby-boomers have done this before.

We also know that Osborne's Recovery ( 2010 to 2016 ) was carried by Consumer Borrowing, not wage rises. So it was also unaffordable.

So far so 'oh dear gods what are they doing?' It is the Baby-boomers that are doing this I assure you. A good 75% of them vote Tory, and they have wrecked the place for 30 years now.

There's a point where you have to say no.

So, well, yeah.

So let's look at millennial life. Croydon MHF did do some work on it before a bad manager tried to censor us ( I resigned in protest due to this dodgy Censorship ). These were our findings, and it does read bad for Ze Kids.

And all of that stress, due to the neglect being carried out against Ze Kids, IS messing up their health.

I don't doubt that 1 or 2 nippers needed a boot up the bum ( kids are kids after all ); but this current wave of violence ( deliberate neglect. from 2010 to 2016 ) from Govt towards the next generation of Taxpayers is...

There is no denying that we have a major War On The Young going on. As the Baby-boomers sit their ignoring the cries of help from their own kids and grand-kids ( which is rather extreme, let's face it ).

Are you seriously telling me that you did not tell mum / gramps about how rough life is these days? If you did tell them then, well, it looks like they do not care about you...

So the clinchers are thus:

The Torys ( specifically ) carried by only the Baby-boomers ( everyone (2012) else hates them (2016) ) have done the following:

- Spent 30 years asset-stripping more and more of The UK to bribe the Baby-boomers into carrying them. Hence why only the baby-boomers like them.

- Have taken away our kids Education Support on a truly grand scale; burying said kids in debt, & damaging their health due to this new debt-stress.

- Have left our kids with nowhere to live. The adventure my generation had in places like Student Housing is now more & more unachievable for this current batch of nippers.

- Transferred a ton of our cash to foreign climbs, where it will never be spent again ( the Cayman Islands being a prime example ).

So there you have it. A whole Generation robbed now, and half a Generation robbed in my day; so that is 1.5 generations now robbed in total; all to feed the greed of the Baby-boomers, and the Rich that said Baby-boomers decided to side with.

The Baby-boomers started this, with their lack of interest in the concept of Finite Resources; and they are the ones that have to lose, or our country will have a permanently-poorer future...

So let's get some key facts in at this stage:

- UK Inequality has been condemned by The UN.

- The Millennials, as well as having nowhere to live, are on genuinely-lower wages compared to the Baby-boomers when they were young.

- The Millenials are being crushed by dishonestly-high Rents ( Generation Rent ), to the point where they can't save for their older age ( by investing in Bricks & Mortar like the Baby-boomers could ). Look at how much more they have to pay out in Rent compared to their parents.

The Youth are GENUINELY being asset-stripped by the Elderly. It's real. And the price of this Asset-strip is an increasingly-low-skill Next Generation of Taxpayers, which trashes the countries' future with all of the debt we're now stuck with.

And it's all because Granny did not want to pay Tax. Oh, and Granny doesn't like foreigners either. And Granny doesn't even like her kids.

So why celebrate granny?

I'm quite serious. How else do you kick back when they have the power, money, Law, & property? You have to refuse them access to grandkids and the like. Leave them utterly alone sitting on their piles of hoarded wealth.

They chose to burn you to get Rich. Are you going to reward them for that behaviour?

In fairness I will mention this Tory Project. The Youth Offer on Apprenticeships ( kicks in in 2017 ). But...

If it is too small ( as there is not enough Tax Money coming in to pay for it ) then a huge tranche of kids will remain without help.

This is why I am a Lefty. The more you see the more Left-wing you become. We have to Tax The Rich to get the cash needed to pay for rescuing our kids from this evil Baby-boomer-Tory alliance.

Most Rich people can't leave...

It's the only way left to us now. All other options have been exhausted. As has our balance sheets in carrying these dodgy Shareholders.

Once again the Baby-boomers have taken us to a major debt crisis ( first time being in the 1970's ) with their greed & laziness.


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