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Just imagine the stiff upper lip accent pliz?

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Keep Calm and Carry On.
The newsfeed part of my journal. Good fun, but not valid for my main lj really. So I shifted it here. Innit.

This is my research, but on an lj for general amusement. A game, and also handy for looking stuff up on. I have got a Democracy Club profile as well, so being able to link to this is very useful. Well, if the govt have decided to actually listen then who am I to argue?

'Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for.' - VNV Nation.

In this case freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, and freedom to be educated and not vote for a certain party... You're allowed to think.

My actual livejournal is here, but is in note form so... If you have concerns feel free to check.

Needless to say if I cock up drop me a shout to let me know. Dopimine can make you drunk in an unpredictable way so... It's possible I'll cock up on occasion, and I can always set the record straight or print a retraction if required. This may be a game of sorts for me, but I try to play it well.

A random find.

My own input ;)


And my own creations.

Moi? With my bias? ;)

A Statement Of Allegiance.

۰ I'm not EDL, or BNP/ NF. I'm Anti-Nazi League, and was a member of The Green Party and Ed Miliband's Labour. I am now a floating Lefty. Just in case I'm being hijacked, or, well, someone is trying to. Thieving little toads. They do try to take advantage of the mentally ill/ fragile.
۰ I'm loyal to the cause of upholding Human Rights.
۰ I am not a member of, and will never join, any organisation that operates in a Fascist or Neo-Nazi way. Hit me as much as you want, I'll sabotage you before I work for you. I've been a Human Rights Activist in one shape or another for 17 odd years now, so take the hint. I'm a touch too set in my ways.
۰ I am loyal to the land, not the govt. They have to earn that through action and deed. If you don't I'll just vote for someone else.
۰ I am an English Pagan. A modern one. The areas of knowledge are:
The Healthy Happy Home,
Animal Husbandry and Mid-Wifery,
Living With The Land ( including it's inhabitants, no matter what colour they are ).

I also find it deeply offensive that The Far Right are trying to hijack what has so far been a very peaceful Pagan resurgence. And turn it into something it is not, namely a platform for White Power. But then Griffin is trying to use 'Christian Rules' to justify racial hatred so...

I'm positive they're ill. The world they see simply does not exist. White only? It's never existed. And I wish they'd stop stealing other people's work and warping it into a falsehood. It's worse than spin, in that they're creating an utter fantasy rather than a half fantasy.

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