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PIP-Watch and The Universal Credit.
You know what this is, I know what this is, and the govt are up to something...

The Consultation is here ( .pdf download ). For t' record.

۰ No automatic entitlement unless you are terminally ill.
۰ Face to face assessments used more. Which hopefully means fewer rejections forcing people to have to go through the stress of an appeal process.
۰ Signposting and support service to help.
۰ Regular assessments generally. The end of the indefinite award, bar very special cases. Which hopefully means less chance of accidental overpayment.
۰ 2/3 rds of people have Indefinite Awards. Govt is not happy with this. Looks like I was right in saying this needs to end, as the margin for error is pretty big here.
۰ Universal Credit to simplify things and make it easier to understand what is going on.
۰ PIP to not be means-tested either.
۰ 2 levels of mobility, and 2 levels of 'daily living'. Care has 3 levels... I smell a benefits cut for some.
۰ If you are paying for your own care you won't lose money ( whilst keeping entitlement ) if you are in hospital for over 28 days.
۰ Evidence-based. Including how adaptations like wheelchairs can effect people.
۰ You can ask for a re-assessment if you feel the decision is wrong. Before getting to the appeal stage.
۰ Motability vehicles to stay.
۰ Entitlement will be a passport to other services. Like the Working Tax Credit Disability bit I'm guessing.

So, so far, it's the 2 tiers for Care that will lead to an obvious benefits cut for some.

Wheelchair users to not get the mobility component of PIP. As they are mobile with their wheels...

Yes, of course it's that easy. Just get a random stranger to do it for you... Nope, I'm not kidding. I think it's the naivety of the govt that hit me on this one. That is one serious lack of security. Please also note the target and fraud-rate. I predicted this a while back. They're going for benefit cuts for those who are blagably not as bad as some IYSWIM. And it will be a blag with a fraud rate of 0.5%. Their only option is to just cut and leave people to rot. Even with 2/3 rds of people on indefinite awards I doubt they'll get a 20% cut.

Or they can give up on that 20% target and go for something more reasonable?

A predicted 800,000 people will be worse off on PIP. I'm guessing that'll be the Middle Rate Care Crowd getting hammered.

We live just above The Poverty Line really, so Benefit Cuts are a big deal. And with more and more people having to go Private due to Council Care Cuts it's gonna get nasty out there. This is a double hit to the disabled from what I can see.

Higher bills coming in, with less money to spend on them.

PIP, having to wait 6 months to apply, and Cancer. A lack of flexibility on this time limit is causing problems.

With subjects like Cancer they know someone will be out for over a year. There's a bucket-load of proof out there.

It's Lower Rate Care they're getting rid of. Hence why there's only 2 tiers of Care under PIP.

So that's people like me stuffed then. 650,000 of us. Just that bit too stuffed, but apparently now not stuffed enough. That's gonna be a direct hit to the mentally ill, as many get Lower Lower. How the hell is that fair?

What a bunch of bastards.

ATOS appear to be doing PIP assessments. Oh hell.

People will get hurt...

DLA Claimant numbers have not gone up by 30% in the last decade. They've only gone up by 16%.

The DWP Figures used were wrong. They did not allow for maturing and demographics. It was an exaggeration of what was really going on. Which The Govt then capitalised on. If the caseload is 99.5% genuine how can you cut the caseload by 20% unless you are about to do something terrible? Could this be why so many News Stories of 'fakers' have slipped out under this Govt?

I smell a dirty trick.

Disabled peoples' costs are 25% higher than able-bodied peoples' costs. And yet The Govt want to cut us.

Nice eh?

The new PIP system is badly targeted according to Scope. They have feedback for the Govt.

And the estimated over-payment figure for DLA is £600million. This is all fine. Those overpayments need stopping fair enough, and we've got til 2013 to fix PIP. I just hope The Govt listen. With the loss of Lower Rate Care it seems to now be being covered by Direct Payments. That's good in some ways, as it means more money, but some people use bits of their Care to cover the bills and keep their quality of life up. Losing Lower Rate Care could see a real drop in money you have in your pocket.

So medically you'll be covered, but socially you'll be worse off.

There's more here. The same argument comes up again.

Lower Rate Care was there to cover those who only needed an ickle bit of support to stay out of very expensive hospitals. To lose that could be really very bad. It's also acknowledged that it is not enough to cover the bills, and is simply a contribution. The problem for me is that Direct Payments need receipts and pre-planning for literally everything. Lower Rate Care did not have that. It was more spontaneous, and made you more free due to this.

So to lose it is a very big deal if we are talking about Independence for real.

House of Lords Grand Committee: 16/11/11
So far we still have no idea how much will be paid out per level/ rate, no idea how many points you need to get said rates, how this compares to DLA for those who have DLA now but will not qualify for PIP, and no idea how Carers Allowance will slot in to it all ( it's currently tied to Middle Rate Care under DLA ).

So, basically, we have no idea who the losers will be. There was mention of concerns re the Wheelchair issue mentioned above, and apparently those will be taken on board. So we're still flying blind as to who The Govt is targeting with these cuts.

It's possible it'll be easier to get Carers Allowance under PIP ( you'll only need Lower Rate Care in DLA terms ), but those getting Middle Rate Care DLA now will be cut to Lower Rate Care ( DLA terms ) under PIP. Thus saving cash on PIP compared to DLA, by cutting Middle Rate Care ( DLA terms ) rather than Lower Rate Care ( DLA terms ) as people seem to expect. Caseload stays the same, it's easier to get a Carer, but PIP pay-out is less than DLA ( getting The Govt their saving ). If that happens Direct Payments will have to pick up the slack.

They're simply ignoring us. And that is pretty damning.

It really does give you an idea how much this Govt are pushing for cuts for Financial Reasons, rather than anything to do with helping The Disabled. Which means this Govt are simply lying when they say 'it's a new better benefit for the 21st century.'

It's just an excuse to cut the most vulnerable.

A concession from The Torys on PIP. It's gonna be 3 months to qualify, like DLA now, by the looks of it.

At least that is some good news.

1/2 million people are going to get their DLA axed by 2015. And we still do not know if it is the least Disabled that will be hung out this way.

Evidence of dirty tricks to save money under PIP. Mobility this time, and it's pretty nasty.

Logged for the evidence folder.

Who is losing out under PIP so far. This is interesting.

It looks like the least Disabled stand a chance of keeping money. The most disabled seem to be the ones getting cut on mobility. The loss of support if you can't prepare food is really quite iffy I have to say. Nutrition is vitally important, and Meals On Wheels costs as well. It's not free. So to not have people getting food support is VERY serious indeed.

Chronic Fatigue sufferers getting no help at all is just disgusting.

Amputees to lose Disability Support it would appear. Including wounded ex-servicemen and women.

Even though prosthetics just aren't as sturdy as the real thing. So they can't do the full range of jobs a normal person can do can they? So what special assistance will they get to get past this hurdle?

DEFINITELY one to watch.

Blind people to lose Disability Support it would appear. Ok...

Again, there are very few jobs blind people can do. I'm not sure how they're going to justify this.

ESA Stuff. And it does look iffy.

ESA is to go monthly payment. Oh bugger.

Some Mental Health Service Users are not well enough to balance a budget over a whole month. That's not useful.

Universal Credit will calculate your payments in real-time. Rather than taking the 2-odd months it currently takes.

It'll link into HMRC via a new computer system. Much as this is good news will it be ready by 2013? And what about the cuts to Disabled Kids? And payments going monthly and fecking up The Ill & Infirm? I think this is the only positive I've seen so far I have to say.

And that's assuming they get it to work.

4 in 10 Disabled Kids live in poverty. And yet they're pushing on with cutting 100,000 Disabled kids under The Universal Credit.

The stance is that the most disabled will get more help. Which means the least disabled will get a cut. Like the Pupil Premium. The thing is even the least disabled may not be able to work that much. And how do disabled kids work? Now add to that PIP cutting Lower Rate Care out of the equation completely and... Will Personal Budgets ( Direct Payments ) make up the difference? They'll help so much the Least Disabled may be able to do some work to get their disposable income back up from this Care cut. So they can cover the bills they'll find harder to cover with the loss of Lower Rate Care. Which means the parents of Disabled Kids will have to earn more from what I can tell. If the kids can't work the parents will have to.

Unless the kid can adjust their Direct Payments to make up the difference?

Tani moves on The Govt on Universal Credit. As well as cutting Disabled kids the sick gits are cutting Severely Disabled adults as well.

That does not read pretty and is clearly 1 to watch as October 2013 approaches.

An £11 billion stealth benefits cut to everyone on low incomes. Shifting from RPI to CPI once again.

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