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This is my research, but on an lj for general amusement. A game, and also handy for looking stuff up on. I have got a Democracy Club profile as well, so being able to link to this is very useful. Well, if the govt have decided to actually listen then who am I to argue?

'Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for.' - VNV Nation.

In this case freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, and freedom to be educated and not vote for a certain party... You're allowed to think.

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Politics charts. The Left & The Right.
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Racial Language Translation Matrix.
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And I hope it's respectful enough to help, whilst keeping any 'necessary harm ( due to the need to repeat for the record )' to a minimum.

Cameron-watch. Thatcherites.
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Don't look at me, you voted Tory. These Thatcher-types are a rotten lot already, and are simply moving to protect the rich like last time. As someone voted them back in...

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The Neo-Nazi Coup currently going on in Blighty.
Ok, 2 articles to get you started.

Ian Duncan Smith to be better than Thatcher at fixing Broken Britain. In the Daily Mail.


Ian Duncan Smith & his Far Right friends. Yes, European Extreme Right links.

Think about it this way. How do you get a bunch of normally quite mild people to attack innocent foreigners? The BNP already do it, but how do you swell their numbers?

You starve huge swathes of Broken Britain. And that is what IDS did.

The Torys ( generally ) cut education. So Broken Britain could not learn the skills needed to get that important job.

The Torys did not build enough Housing. So there was nowhere to live too.

So, with nowhere to live AND it being hard to get a job what then happened?

Broken Britain started to get racist. But it took a nudge to do that.

The Papers have blamed Europe for stuff that doesn't actually exist for years. The Bendy Banana Ban story was one such lie.

Here is another list. For 20 years certain newspapers have lied to us about Europe. Strangely enough the same newspapers that use sex to sell them ( boobs, bikinis, etc ).

So you have a populace, badly educated, and reliant on newspapers. Because they are badly educated they fall for the 'sex sells' scam.

So they trust the wrong newspapers.

The same Newspapers who then lie about Europe, and also start a war against our Disabled people.

So the BNP, now renamed as UKIP, are up in arms; as they are being starved, whilst Johnnie Foreigner beats them to a paltry shelf-stacking job.

Johnnie Foreigner would not beat them to the shelf-stacking job if said BNP types had some skills.

But that alone is not enough to swing an election. The BNP have never had an MP after all. So...

The Baby-boomers, still controlling the vote, and having voted for Blair to get rid of the Torys, are now succumbing to old age.

Only 1 in 6 are in good health.

They also have the least number of degrees. Of our kids, well, loads of kids have degrees.

Of our older aged crowd? Who are all in real bad health too? According to this House Of Commons data ( .pdf download ) in 1950 17500 people had degrees. So that is the Baby-boomers.

In 2010 330,000 people had degrees.

So the OAP's have the lowest number of Higher Education attainments in the entire populace. And read A LOT of newspapers. So could be hood-winked by a dodgy Newspaper or 2.

Now factor in the Dementia Timebomb. An estimated 1.2m senior voters who will go mad due to the affects of old age. All of those vulnerable adults, being mislead too.


Rupert Murdoch & Paul Dacre.

As Newspapers attack Human Rights because we can't deport 1 or 2 criminals, where-as the Human Rights thing does way more than that.

As our OAP's and chunks of Uneducated Britain attack Johnnie Foreigner, and yell 'get a job' at our Disabled & Injured. And as said 2 groups grow to hate Europe.

Which then opened the door for leaving Europe. Whilst bashing the ill & infirm.

Which is what Hitler did.

Et voila. IDS & his Far Right chums. IDS and the rest of the Torys. And the horrors they then went on to create.

And 1930's Germany being recreated in Blighty, because of Newspaper Barons & dodgy Politicians lying to us.

And why did said Politicians & Newspaper Barons lie to us? To dodge this. These VERY dodgy individuals are also very Rich. And they want to be able to Tax Avoid with it.

And they need us out of Europe to do it, as Europe is coming for them.

So they lied to us, firing up the BNP-crowd of all people. Injuring & killing god knows how many ( the Govt no longer records the deaths ) of us in the process.

They also lied to how many ill/vulnerable OAP's? Indeed.

None of this is a coincidence or an accident. It's all deliberate.

As Lord Sugar says this can only end in criminal charges.

It's just too extreme.

The Croydon Violence Tracker. 30-11-17 version. The REAL story.
Linking up with the big cover-up on Croydon Violence being carried out by key members of Croydon's Management ( including Green Party dodginess ) we have...

Is Croydon Crime down? No. People have given up on reporting stuff by the looks of it.

Well, had. They do seem to be reporting stuff now. Look at the figures and key events.

Let's have some evidence...

The most recent data is here: {click here}

My old notes on the investigation so far are here. Upto Mar 2017.

The old '30% rise in just 1 year' is explained here. It was a statistical 'error' in 01-11-15 by The MET they were then chastised for.

Linked to this article here on lynchmobs. Esther Sutton's actions against myself ( and The Forum I worked for before they decided to help with the/her cover-up ultimately ) are listed here.

Sexual Violence data is here.

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How to make a Far Right campaigner look like an idiot. 11 key arguments.
Obviously the Torys have harnessed the Far Right to get enough votes together to both hold Govt for nearly a decade AND wangle the massive Racism & Tax Avoidance initiative that is Brexit.


The Far Right make many a claim. Here is a list of the key ones, and why they are garbage.

Remember, as an Anti-fascist there are 2 golden rules.

1) Keep it peaceful. You have to, or you'll look as bad as the bad-guys.

2) Keep it accurate. Or you'll be defeated.

Remember, the Far Right have powerful friends these days. You have to get it right, AND you have to be seen to be the most civilised. That's how you beat something as awful as what we are being forced to live under.


Here are a few key arguments to push them bad-guys back if you debate online. One thing to remember about debating online is that you may not convince the person you are debating with, but you can still influence other readers.

1) "They should have stood & fought, like we did with Hitler." - This one is often dropped on Syrian Refugees to justify locking them out ( and leaving them to drown in some cases ).

To fight you need both equipment AND skills. Most office clerks and bakers do not have those, and that is what most of these Refugees are in reality. Some will be ill, some will be old, and some will be preggers. The Strong fight to protect those who can't. Not everyone is strong. And that should be recognised.

Plus they had to run with suitcases full of basics. And they had to get their kids to safety too. Begrudge any husband for getting his family to safety first, I dare you.

2) "They aren't from around here." - This one is pretty straight-forward. The key angle is that people feel that the Local Jobs are a right, and that schooling isn't required.

Needless to say if the person is an eejit letting them carry out medicine on you is usually a bad plan.

So schooling is required. Which then leads into "all these people coming here stealing our jobs", and the Xenophobia there.

If these people complaining about foreigners etc were educated then they would get the job instead of that Polish or Spanish person. They are not educated for 2 reasons:

- The Torys switched off affordable education, not some Spanish or Polish Person.
- If you're too lazy to get an education then you don't deserve diddly. That is not how life works.

Now factor in how sometimes the thing we need is invented in another country. It's just how it is. Locking out the people who know how to do it probably isn't very wise...

3) This then leads into: "They stole the Housing I need".

Oh no they didn't. Housing is allocated based on need. It uses a points system. Even under the Torys that has not changed, although the Torys have not built enough cheap homes obviously.

The person claiming that "they stole the House I need" has a sense of entitlement. I have seen this entitlement lead to kids suffering because mummy & daddy refuse to wear condoms. Instead mummy & daddy blame the Council as they simply carry on popping out more & more kids ( up to 8 kids in one case ).

And yes, those kids are now suffering.

You can't just pop out a kid and expect the world to bail you out. It's never worked that way.

You have to get an education AND get a job. If graduate high-end hard-working tax-paying Career Ladies have to choose when to have kids, and be careful about how many they have, then why should the local lazy-bones be able to pop out as many as they want?

This one is about responsibility. It's about raising a child, and raising them well. It takes time, effort, and resources. Teaching that child to be lazy & just demand stuff is, well, not a good idea.

Even Tony Blair was in favour of Family Planning.

Wear a condom. It's obvious stuff.

Some of these people demanding their flats as 'they come from around here' are the same sort of people that would make an ill person homeless to, well, steal that ill person's home. For real. They would leave an ill person in the cold just to grab the Council Flat first. Hence why Councils use a points system, instead of lynch-mobs & thuggery.

4) "Their habits are disgusting." - This one.

I once knew a young lass who hated foreigners because of, well, sanitary towels ( used ) left in the street. Guess what? She lived in a poor area, and had been told that it was Africans just dumping them in the street. Who was she told that by?

And why did she not understand that a broken bin-liner can happen, with the Bin-men spread too thin ( due to it being a poor area ) to clean the mess up quickly?

Croydon has litter issues. Croydon has little money too. That's due to the Govt taking our cash away, not an African person being lazy.

And if you don't like the smell of Curry then, well, tough cheese. Plenty of White People love a good ruby murrey. Are they now banned, because ( only ) you don't like them? And isn't that a rather selfish argument?

5) Sharia Courts.

These organisations are voluntary. People choose to live this way. They still have to obey UK Law, or they are in trouble. Said people then choose to take on some extra laws voluntarily.

There is no force. That is illegal, and we have strong laws against things like Forced Arranged Marriage.

6) The Veil.

In simple terms:

- It's a tradition that some people like. I just don't see the problem in a modern & caring society if someone chooses to use a veil.
- They can be beautiful & romantic. A woman keeping herself special for her man.
- They are great for hiding a really bad zit. No, I am not joking.

Being forced to wear a veil is a no-no. See the Sharia Council points bit above. These people choose to live this way. And as long as no-one is hurt then what is the problem? Ultimately it's just fashion. It's not a big deal as long as it is voluntary.

7) Arranged Marriage.

If it is forced then it is illegal. If the people volunteer, because they trust their parents, then they have chosen to do so. I'm more worried about how hard it is to divorce, and how hard it is to get maintenance out of someone, in this day and age; and that is a white problem too...

8) "They talk funny. They should speak English!".

There are 2 key points to raise here:

- If you know your languages you will know that if the subject is really complicated using a second language might lead to errors in what you are trying to communicate. Weak language skills do happen after all. And it was the Torys that cut funding for English language classes, not the new Iraqi Govt...

- Why is the person complaining about foreign languages so paranoid about what is being said? Serious question. Paranoia is a Mental Illness, and it can show up in many ways.

9) "They come over here, telling us what we can & can't do..."

Part of this is how people want to be able to exploit people. Yes, for real. There are millions of them as well. The English are not pure; far from it. Our History is one of thievery up until WW2 ( the British Empire ), and some people are trying to bring that thievery back. Human Rights Laws were designed by the British, and championed by Europe. So what is the problem here?

Now factor in the Work Standard rules that Europe uses. Without them any old muppet can come into your house, wire it up, burn it down, & kill you in the process. Work Standards are good, as they stop these dangerous muppets.


They have been poorly implemented in places. If you have a bloke who has worked there for 20 years, and has saved the firm at least twice because he knows how to do everything, then why did he fail that exam? Because the exam was crap? Precisely.

I do believe that these regulations are a good idea ( who wants a burned down home? ), but... Exams are not always the best way to check stuff over. This is why we have Apprenticeships and in-work assessments as well. So that your proven work record over years can be used. Europe needs to take that one on board, being fair.

10) "We can't afford to save the world."

Yeah, this one. Apparently there is no money left in the UK. Just ignore the Mansions & that, apparently we are stoney-broke! Or we aren't, and those mansions are real...

I did warn you that up until WW2 the English were actually notorious thieves. The old British Empire was far from fair.

Obviously Tax Avoidance comes in here A LOT. Brexit etc. If The Rich paid their Taxes then there would be education and housing a-plenty, and how many of the problems listed above would then be fixed by that?


11) Curry & Animal Rights. This one is quite sneaky, but once again the Far Right are being iffy. I shall explain.

Halal is not as humane as stunning an animal before slaughtering it for food. This is actually true. The Halal process sees the animal killed whilst still very-much aware of its' surroundings. The animal is not stunned first.

And this then means that your Halal Curry is not as humane as your Stunned Curry. This is a Britain First & EDL argument; that, at a basic level is, factually accurate; but... ( and here comes the dodgy bit )

Firstly, no animal enjoys being turned into a burger; let's be honest here; so...

If you look at Jewish Kosher processes you will see that they do not use Stunning either. They are just as rough on the animal as Halal is. Will the Far Right attack Israel? Usually no.

And that is a double standard. It's ok to bash Muslims for being cruel to animals, but Jews are allowed to be cruel to animals...

In reality you have to accept both or neither. And, being honest, if you can't handle the slaughter process generally ( no Animal enjoys being turned into a burger ) then you might want to consider Vegetarianism. This is the reality of nature & the food chain. Being turned into a burger is not fun.

You can't bash one crowd for being cruel to animals, whilst letting another crowd off for doing near-enough the same thing.

Well, not unless you're actually just making it up to justify attacking the new people on the block anyway. Well, we've had Jews around for ages haven't we; and these Syrians are new...

In the 1950's we took on loads of Black People ( from the WIndies ) to get the workforce we needed to grow the food we needed. Some worked in factories too. It is how we rebuilt this country, and how we built the NHS.

Some English people, now OAP's ( baby-boomers ), attacked these Black People even though said Black People were feeding said now-OAP's. Yes, it was that crazy. But the Black People were new, so needed to be taught a lesson by the local White People etc. As said Black People fed said white people.

Look up 'No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish.'.

The Far Right NEVER make sense. They just bash things that they see as being different. Like primitive cave-men.


The Far Right are human. And, like many a human, they are flawed. And many are badly educated too. They just see race, instead of the real system we live in.

But if you can get the protest voters away from them then their numbers will remain small. And a small group of Far Right can't break much in reality. Unlike the situation we have at present.

Education must happen on a mass scale.

One last thing. As a peaceful antifascist you have to work hard & take hits. If it is not a BNP Cop lying about you it is a Far Right person insulting or even attacking you.

To keep it peaceful in a situation like that is, well, not easy.

So don't be afraid to strut. You're allowed to take some pride in your work. Wear the cool clothes, play the cool tunes, and enjoy the honour that comes with peacefully standing up for Human Rights ( both yours & others. Defending those too weak to fight/campaign ).


You've been honoured. By a real war hero too. And there are others out there VERY impressed with you.

So keep it peaceful, & keep it intelligent. The bad-guys can't win then.

And don't forget the sound-system! :)


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Schengen 2.0.
Please remember that I was one of the researchers that created this:

Boost for David Cameron EU renegotiation as Merkel and Hollande make migrant benefit offer.

I may have been team Ed, but the 3 year marker offered by Europe was an important offer when you look at the ills created by low-skill migration. Ills that have now turned into a major Nazi rebellion doing a huge amount of harm to The UK.

Europe recognised that Low Skill Migration was a problem.

Meanwhile, in Blighty:

Once again the BNP are on the march ( under new rebrands, but with the same old message ). We are full up apparently.

No, we aren't full.

Much as Migrants help us that is only if they have skills to offer. Otherwise they cause significant issues. We already have plenty of Multi-lingual people who can clean a loo. If you know anything about stuff ( & things ) you'll know that we need multi-lingual people who can heal wounds and build cool products in reality.

Fruit-picking is seasonal, so can be done on a temp 'pass' that is easy to get. I'm talking real migration, not just a "working/ Busman's holiday". Fruit pickers are not the problem, and never were. The 'war' was always over Council Housing and those shop jobs.

And lies about Health & Safety spread by cowboy builders who don't want to have to study to be able to build your new garage etc. Bodjit & Scarper types, of which we have quite a few in Croydon...

So how do people feel about these basic principles ( that I like )?:

1) A mother who's kids did badly at school will be heart-broken if those kids can't get basic beginner jobs, because a foreigner got their first. The main Schengen criticism, and the heart of A LOT of the racism rising both locally and across Europe. Those Local kids need those jobs first. They always did really.

2) European Unity has created 60 years of peace, so needs to stay.

3) Much as our media needs reform ( the liars etc ) the basic principle of a free press is fine. The missing bit these days is 'honesty', and that can be fixed without hurting their important role in keeping people held to account. What is the problem with The Press only printing the truth? There isn't one is there. Opinion pieces are the problem, not proper fact-checks.

4) It is down to the country you were born in to educate you, not next door. And if that home country refuses to educate you then you vote the idiots out & get some educators in.

5) There has to be a reward for good behaviour, or people will insist on being bad-guys.

I do believe in Schengen, but I think Schengen 1.0 had a major flaw. The Low Skill Migration factor.

If someone has a skill to ply then why not head out to see the world? You passed your exams after years of studying, so this is your reward. As someone from an Island at Sea of course I want people heading off on great adventures, but it has to be done properly to avoid causing issues. If you burn the Locals then the Locals will burn you back.

Schengen 1.0 was too much too soon, and that HAS caused some problems. The UK has taken the biggest hit of the EU Nations I have seen so far:


Reform. Schengen 2.0. For real. Stay in Europe, and fix Schengen.

I would suggest that Europe do the following in Schengen 2.0:

- Keep the principle of Free Movement, but bring in a points-based system for entry to a patch. So if you want to move to Germany ( for example ) you have to pass a few exams. And if an Eastern European wants to come over here then they need to have a few desired skills up their sleeve. Always encourage people to study, and racism will not be able to get a foot-hold. Study for reward. Education is ALWAYS king. And it needs to stay that way, or we lose everything.

It won't be as extreme as the Aussie system, but it will mean that foreigners with no real skills cannot come over to BLAH and take that Shelf-stacking Job that that local kid needs. Et voila, half of the racist vote disappears; because the pressures that create said racist votes have been reduced.

- Use Interpol to track bad-guys. Simples. Teamwork, & LOTS of it.

- Euro-funds to build Social Housing all over Europe. So that there IS space for people to live in etc. Let's not have Liebensraum become a factor again eh?

- Here is the big one. The 'fugees. Much as Refugees must be welcome, the old 'just let them get to Calais' trick has to end ( get over it ). I'll use a Syrian example of what I would want to see:

10,000 Syrians land in Greece. The new Greek Asylum teams ( funded by Central EU money ) get out to them quickly, make the arrests needed to begin the process, and take them to proper safe locations ( not crappy underfunded Yarl's Wood etc, decent locations ). From there ISIS types are filtered out, and genuine refugees are allowed in. Greece has plenty of jobs doing this important Duty ( saving people's lives ), funded by her EU friends.

So the obvious ISIS types are caught quickly, and any 'sleepers' can be tracked by Interpol. The rest are then let in; and allocated, via quotas based on GDP, to the Nations of Europe. A Federal Europe, fair enough, but still a VERY big team of people working together.

And if the home Nation burns locals too much they get voted out etc. With funding in place to help with things like Food Banks & Social Housing projects.

Living in Croydon ( the UK's only Asylum hub ) I KNOW that it is possible to be Refugees Welcome and, at the same time, not burn the Locals; but you have to Tax The Rich to do it, to get the money needed to fund the Housing & Education that needs to happen. Europe IS now Taxing said Rich. So it must be possible from inside Europe to do this.

Building houses, opening schools, and making sure hospitals are solid. All very civilised.

So a 'Fugee arrives, passes the initial security checks, is moved to Belgium ( for example ), is given a VERY basic place to live ( so that jealousy does not rise in Local patches ), and is then taught the language ( Cameron cut the UK Language Schools money, like the idiot that he is ). Then they are sent off to work, so that Taxes can be paid. Nice & civilised.


And there you go. Nice & civilised.

Schengen 1.0 was too much too soon. Schengen 2.0 needs to recognise what failed & what succeeded, so that Europe can survive this Nazi rebellion.

We need border controls, but we only need little ones. And if the borders are loose then the principle of Free Movement is not damaged.

Where is the problem with encouraging people to pass exams if they want to head off abroad for a bit? How did Education become the enemy?

And yes, Churchill did believe in Europe. He almost became a Muslim too:

Churchill flirts with Islam.

Moar here.

Churchill & Europe.

Some food for thought for all 3 of you out there that read my stuff.



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Benefits Deaths & Injuries. What I have at present.
Ok, let's get this into some kind of order.

When it comes to deaths we have the following: As of Nov 15. It was a hard fought battle to get this data.

I was forced to estimate the deaths when IDS tried to hide the data. That estimation was too high ( thankfully ) but it leaves A LOT of people in pain.

The Govt has now wilfully stopped recording the deaths.

We are condemned by both the UN AND Europe for our cruelty towards Benefits Users.

Charities still speak out now, but are facing new Laws stopping them from talking about it.

The sources of stress are here. The Stress Chambers. There is so much pain out there at present.

We did have a mention in 2 articles of nearly 1m extra Anti-depressant Prescriptions going to people on benefits; but both those articles have now been taken down. As such I do not know what the official 'injury count' is.

Anti-depressants are up A LOT out there. Low Pay Britain, Benefits Britain, poverty Britain, Food-bank Britain, the list goes on. That's a LOT of arguably-avoidable stress.

Victorian Diseases continue to return.

And now we have this:

Sanctions are REALLY messing up people's Mental Health.

This is linked to this story on how Talking Therapy will become available in Job Centers, and slowly compulsory in some cases.

Here's the problem. Much as a Gentle Nudge ( to quote the Tory MP Dr Wollaston ) is useful in the odd case, and 'compulsory' does happen on occasion in Mental Health Care & Support, this Govt simply doesn't do gentle. Victorian Diseases are coming back after all. That's not gentle is it? ( Obvious stuff ).


How many Disabled or Unemployed people are now using Mental Health Support Services due to the system being too harsh? A serious question. I know that my ability to work has been reduced by this new system.

How many ill people are now being shoved into work, only to then relapse & have to be signed off again? Sanctions, and ESA-WRAG not being generous enough.

Apart from the lack of humanity in it ( it's truly psychopathic I assure you ) it's also financially wasteful.


How are you supposed to get a job if your health has failed?

Starving your work-force will not get them into work. It never works that way. They break instead.

And then us #NHS have to dive in & patch them up; and they aren't paying Taxes at that point I assure you...

And the kids? Apparently they don't need help. They are now getting the same money as adults, even though said kids can't go out to get a job to top themselves up like us Adults can...

Basically it's still a mess out there.

My recommendations are here ( pre-Brexit, so lob an extra tenner a week on for current prices ), for those interested.

As for it being like 1930's Germany out there here is a list of the Legal Changes so far that have taken us to such a low.


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The Tory War on The Young. Updated > 2017.
Right, this one...

As of 18/6/17:

Number of Nippers on Antidepressants in England rises by 12%.

As the race hate & skill shortages continue I hasten to add. IDS et al did this.

IDS may have championed Broken Britian, but he did not repair it. Those locations remain run down. Instead he let the race hate rise, whilst cutting education ( and, as such, life chances ). It's like he wanted a major BNP out-break ( I know, quite the coincidence that ).

Up to 20/7/16: As I'm sure you know dear reader I have been tracking what The Torys have been doing regarding kicking the living daylights out of our kids.

Firstly we have the job-centre failures here.

Now let's factor in how well The Old are doing Financially, but... Let's look at how they vote Specifically.

Specifically the approximate-75% of that Baby-boomer Vote that Votes Tory and has genuinely NEVER helped a younger generation. In fact they've happily asset-stripped the Youth to line their own pockets, which is a disgusting act.

The crunch is that 2008 changed everything. The massive increase in debt has made the Old Ways ( Low Taxes for the Rich. The Baby-boomer Way ) unaffordable. we need more Tax money coming in, or we lose key services. And tax take at present remains too low.

When you spend more than you Tax you sink into debt; and yes, the Baby-boomers have done this before.

We also know that Osborne's Recovery ( 2010 to 2016 ) was carried by Consumer Borrowing, not wage rises. So it was also unaffordable.

So far so 'oh dear gods what are they doing?' It is the Baby-boomers that are doing this I assure you. A good 75% of them vote Tory, and they have wrecked the place for 30 years now.

There's a point where you have to say no.

So, well, yeah.

So let's look at millennial life. Croydon MHF did do some work on it before a bad manager tried to censor us ( I resigned in protest due to this dodgy Censorship ). These were our findings, and it does read bad for Ze Kids.

And all of that stress, due to the neglect being carried out against Ze Kids, IS messing up their health.

I don't doubt that 1 or 2 nippers needed a boot up the bum ( kids are kids after all ); but this current wave of violence ( deliberate neglect. from 2010 to 2016 ) from Govt towards the next generation of Taxpayers is...

There is no denying that we have a major War On The Young going on. As the Baby-boomers sit their ignoring the cries of help from their own kids and grand-kids ( which is rather extreme, let's face it ).

Are you seriously telling me that you did not tell mum / gramps about how rough life is these days? If you did tell them then, well, it looks like they do not care about you...

So the clinchers are thus:

The Torys ( specifically ) carried by only the Baby-boomers ( everyone (2012) else hates them (2016) ) have done the following:

- Spent 30 years asset-stripping more and more of The UK to bribe the Baby-boomers into carrying them. Hence why only the baby-boomers like them.

- Have taken away our kids Education Support on a truly grand scale; burying said kids in debt, & damaging their health due to this new debt-stress.

- Have left our kids with nowhere to live. The adventure my generation had in places like Student Housing is now more & more unachievable for this current batch of nippers.

- Transferred a ton of our cash to foreign climbs, where it will never be spent again ( the Cayman Islands being a prime example ).

So there you have it. A whole Generation robbed now, and half a Generation robbed in my day; so that is 1.5 generations now robbed in total; all to feed the greed of the Baby-boomers, and the Rich that said Baby-boomers decided to side with.

The Baby-boomers started this, with their lack of interest in the concept of Finite Resources; and they are the ones that have to lose, or our country will have a permanently-poorer future...

So let's get some key facts in at this stage:

- UK Inequality has been condemned by The UN.

- The Millennials, as well as having nowhere to live, are on genuinely-lower wages compared to the Baby-boomers when they were young.

- The Millenials are being crushed by dishonestly-high Rents ( Generation Rent ), to the point where they can't save for their older age ( by investing in Bricks & Mortar like the Baby-boomers could ). Look at how much more they have to pay out in Rent compared to their parents.

The Youth are GENUINELY being asset-stripped by the Elderly. It's real. And the price of this Asset-strip is an increasingly-low-skill Next Generation of Taxpayers, which trashes the countries' future with all of the debt we're now stuck with.

And it's all because Granny did not want to pay Tax. Oh, and Granny doesn't like foreigners either. And Granny doesn't even like her kids.

So why celebrate granny?

I'm quite serious. How else do you kick back when they have the power, money, Law, & property? You have to refuse them access to grandkids and the like. Leave them utterly alone sitting on their piles of hoarded wealth.

They chose to burn you to get Rich. Are you going to reward them for that behaviour?

In fairness I will mention this Tory Project. The Youth Offer on Apprenticeships ( kicks in in 2017 ). But...

If it is too small ( as there is not enough Tax Money coming in to pay for it ) then a huge tranche of kids will remain without help.

This is why I am a Lefty. The more you see the more Left-wing you become. We have to Tax The Rich to get the cash needed to pay for rescuing our kids from this evil Baby-boomer-Tory alliance.

Most Rich people can't leave...

It's the only way left to us now. All other options have been exhausted. As has our balance sheets in carrying these dodgy Shareholders.

Once again the Baby-boomers have taken us to a major debt crisis ( first time being in the 1970's ) with their greed & laziness.


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