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This is my research, but on an lj for general amusement. A game, and also handy for looking stuff up on. I have got a Democracy Club profile as well, so being able to link to this is very useful. Well, if the govt have decided to actually listen then who am I to argue?

'Stand your ground, this is what we are fighting for.' - VNV Nation.

In this case freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, and freedom to be educated and not vote for a certain party... You're allowed to think.

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And I hope it's respectful enough to help, whilst keeping any 'necessary harm ( due to the need to repeat for the record )' to a minimum.

Cameron-watch. Thatcherites.
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Don't look at me, you voted Tory. These Thatcher-types are a rotten lot already, and are simply moving to protect the rich like last time. As someone voted them back in...

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Schengen 2.0.
Please remember that I was one of the researchers that created this:

Boost for David Cameron EU renegotiation as Merkel and Hollande make migrant benefit offer.

I may have been team Ed, but the 3 year marker offered by Europe was an important offer when you look at the ills created by low-skill migration. Ills that have now turned into a major Nazi rebellion doing a huge amount of harm to The UK.

Europe recognised that Low Skill Migration was a problem.

Meanwhile, in Blighty:

Once again the BNP are on the march ( under new rebrands, but with the same old message ). We are full up apparently.

No, we aren't full.

Much as Migrants help us that is only if they have skills to offer. Otherwise they cause significant issues. We already have plenty of Multi-lingual people who can clean a loo. If you know anything about stuff ( & things ) you'll know that we need multi-lingual people who can heal wounds and build cool products in reality.

Fruit-picking is seasonal, so can be done on a temp 'pass' that is easy to get. I'm talking real migration, not just a "working/ Busman's holiday". Fruit pickers are not the problem, and never were. The 'war' was always over Council Housing and those shop jobs.

And lies about Health & Safety spread by cowboy builders who don't want to have to study to be able to build your new garage etc. Bodjit & Scarper types, of which we have quite a few in Croydon...

So how do people feel about these basic principles ( that I like )?:

1) A mother who's kids did badly at school will be heart-broken if those kids can't get basic beginner jobs, because a foreigner got their first. The main Schengen criticism, and the heart of A LOT of the racism rising both locally and across Europe. Those Local kids need those jobs first. They always did really.

2) European Unity has created 60 years of peace, so needs to stay.

3) Much as our media needs reform ( the liars etc ) the basic principle of a free press is fine. The missing bit these days is 'honesty', and that can be fixed without hurting their important role in keeping people held to account. What is the problem with The Press only printing the truth? There isn't one is there. Opinion pieces are the problem, not proper fact-checks.

4) It is down to the country you were born in to educate you, not next door. And if that home country refuses to educate you then you vote the idiots out & get some educators in.

5) There has to be a reward for good behaviour, or people will insist on being bad-guys.

I do believe in Schengen, but I think Schengen 1.0 had a major flaw. The Low Skill Migration factor.

If someone has a skill to ply then why not head out to see the world? You passed your exams after years of studying, so this is your reward. As someone from an Island at Sea of course I want people heading off on great adventures, but it has to be done properly to avoid causing issues. If you burn the Locals then the Locals will burn you back.

Schengen 1.0 was too much too soon, and that HAS caused some problems. The UK has taken the biggest hit of the EU Nations I have seen so far:


Reform. Schengen 2.0. For real. Stay in Europe, and fix Schengen.

I would suggest that Europe do the following in Schengen 2.0:

- Keep the principle of Free Movement, but bring in a points-based system for entry to a patch. So if you want to move to Germany ( for example ) you have to pass a few exams. And if an Eastern European wants to come over here then they need to have a few desired skills up their sleeve. Always encourage people to study, and racism will not be able to get a foot-hold. Study for reward. Education is ALWAYS king. And it needs to stay that way, or we lose everything.

It won't be as extreme as the Aussie system, but it will mean that foreigners with no real skills cannot come over to BLAH and take that Shelf-stacking Job that that local kid needs. Et voila, half of the racist vote disappears; because the pressures that create said racist votes have been reduced.

- Use Interpol to track bad-guys. Simples. Teamwork, & LOTS of it.

- Euro-funds to build Social Housing all over Europe. So that there IS space for people to live in etc. Let's not have Liebensraum become a factor again eh?

- Here is the big one. The 'fugees. Much as Refugees must be welcome, the old 'just let them get to Calais' trick has to end ( get over it ). I'll use a Syrian example of what I would want to see:

10,000 Syrians land in Greece. The new Greek Asylum teams ( funded by Central EU money ) get out to them quickly, make the arrests needed to begin the process, and take them to proper safe locations ( not crappy underfunded Yarl's Wood etc, decent locations ). From there ISIS types are filtered out, and genuine refugees are allowed in. Greece has plenty of jobs doing this important Duty ( saving people's lives ), funded by her EU friends.

So the obvious ISIS types are caught quickly, and any 'sleepers' can be tracked by Interpol. The rest are then let in; and allocated, via quotas based on GDP, to the Nations of Europe. A Federal Europe, fair enough, but still a VERY big team of people working together.

And if the home Nation burns locals too much they get voted out etc. With funding in place to help with things like Food Banks & Social Housing projects.

Living in Croydon ( the UK's only Asylum hub ) I KNOW that it is possible to be Refugees Welcome and, at the same time, not burn the Locals; but you have to Tax The Rich to do it, to get the money needed to fund the Housing & Education that needs to happen. Europe IS now Taxing said Rich. So it must be possible from inside Europe to do this.

Building houses, opening schools, and making sure hospitals are solid. All very civilised.

So a 'Fugee arrives, passes the initial security checks, is moved to Belgium ( for example ), is given a VERY basic place to live ( so that jealousy does not rise in Local patches ), and is then taught the language ( Cameron cut the UK Language Schools money, like the idiot that he is ). Then they are sent off to work, so that Taxes can be paid. Nice & civilised.


And there you go. Nice & civilised.

Schengen 1.0 was too much too soon. Schengen 2.0 needs to recognise what failed & what succeeded, so that Europe can survive this Nazi rebellion.

We need border controls, but we only need little ones. And if the borders are loose then the principle of Free Movement is not damaged.

Where is the problem with encouraging people to pass exams if they want to head off abroad for a bit? How did Education become the enemy?

And yes, Churchill did believe in Europe. He almost became a Muslim too:

Churchill flirts with Islam.

Moar here.

Churchill & Europe.

Some food for thought for all 3 of you out there that read my stuff.



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Benefits Deaths & Injuries. What I have at present.
Ok, let's get this into some kind of order.

When it comes to deaths we have the following: As of Nov 15. It was a hard fought battle to get this data.

I was forced to estimate the deaths when IDS tried to hide the data. That estimation was too high ( thankfully ) but it leaves A LOT of people in pain.

The Govt has now wilfully stopped recording the deaths.

We are condemned by both the UN AND Europe for our cruelty towards Benefits Users.

Charities still speak out now, but are facing new Laws stopping them from talking about it.

The sources of stress are here. The Stress Chambers. There is so much pain out there at present.

We did have a mention in 2 articles of nearly 1m extra Anti-depressant Prescriptions going to people on benefits; but both those articles have now been taken down. As such I do not know what the official 'injury count' is.

Anti-depressants are up A LOT out there. Low Pay Britain, Benefits Britain, poverty Britain, Food-bank Britain, the list goes on. That's a LOT of arguably-avoidable stress.

Victorian Diseases continue to return.

And now we have this:

Sanctions are REALLY messing up people's Mental Health.

This is linked to this story on how Talking Therapy will become available in Job Centers, and slowly compulsory in some cases.

Here's the problem. Much as a Gentle Nudge ( to quote the Tory MP Dr Wollaston ) is useful in the odd case, and 'compulsory' does happen on occasion in Mental Health Care & Support, this Govt simply doesn't do gentle. Victorian Diseases are coming back after all. That's not gentle is it? ( Obvious stuff ).


How many Disabled or Unemployed people are now using Mental Health Support Services due to the system being too harsh? A serious question. I know that my ability to work has been reduced by this new system.

How many ill people are now being shoved into work, only to then relapse & have to be signed off again? Sanctions, and ESA-WRAG not being generous enough.

Apart from the lack of humanity in it ( it's truly psychopathic I assure you ) it's also financially wasteful.


How are you supposed to get a job if your health has failed?

Starving your work-force will not get them into work. It never works that way. They break instead.

And then us #NHS have to dive in & patch them up; and they aren't paying Taxes at that point I assure you...

And the kids? Apparently they don't need help. They are now getting the same money as adults, even though said kids can't go out to get a job to top themselves up like us Adults can...

Basically it's still a mess out there.

My recommendations are here ( pre-Brexit, so lob an extra tenner a week on for current prices ), for those interested.

As for it being like 1930's Germany out there here is a list of the Legal Changes so far that have taken us to such a low.


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The Tory War on The Young. Updated > 2017.
Right, this one...

As of 18/6/17:

Number of Nippers on Antidepressants in England rises by 12%.

As the race hate & skill shortages continue I hasten to add. IDS et al did this.

IDS may have championed Broken Britian, but he did not repair it. Those locations remain run down. Instead he let the race hate rise, whilst cutting education ( and, as such, life chances ). It's like he wanted a major BNP out-break ( I know, quite the coincidence that ).

Up to 20/7/16: As I'm sure you know dear reader I have been tracking what The Torys have been doing regarding kicking the living daylights out of our kids.

Firstly we have the job-centre failures here.

Now let's factor in how well The Old are doing Financially, but... Let's look at how they vote Specifically.

Specifically the approximate-75% of that Baby-boomer Vote that Votes Tory and has genuinely NEVER helped a younger generation. In fact they've happily asset-stripped the Youth to line their own pockets, which is a disgusting act.

The crunch is that 2008 changed everything. The massive increase in debt has made the Old Ways ( Low Taxes for the Rich. The Baby-boomer Way ) unaffordable. we need more Tax money coming in, or we lose key services. And tax take at present remains too low.

When you spend more than you Tax you sink into debt; and yes, the Baby-boomers have done this before.

We also know that Osborne's Recovery ( 2010 to 2016 ) was carried by Consumer Borrowing, not wage rises. So it was also unaffordable.

So far so 'oh dear gods what are they doing?' It is the Baby-boomers that are doing this I assure you. A good 75% of them vote Tory, and they have wrecked the place for 30 years now.

There's a point where you have to say no.

So, well, yeah.

So let's look at millennial life. Croydon MHF did do some work on it before a bad manager tried to censor us ( I resigned in protest due to this dodgy Censorship ). These were our findings, and it does read bad for Ze Kids.

And all of that stress, due to the neglect being carried out against Ze Kids, IS messing up their health.

I don't doubt that 1 or 2 nippers needed a boot up the bum ( kids are kids after all ); but this current wave of violence ( deliberate neglect. from 2010 to 2016 ) from Govt towards the next generation of Taxpayers is...

There is no denying that we have a major War On The Young going on. As the Baby-boomers sit their ignoring the cries of help from their own kids and grand-kids ( which is rather extreme, let's face it ).

Are you seriously telling me that you did not tell mum / gramps about how rough life is these days? If you did tell them then, well, it looks like they do not care about you...

So the clinchers are thus:

The Torys ( specifically ) carried by only the Baby-boomers ( everyone (2012) else hates them (2016) ) have done the following:

- Spent 30 years asset-stripping more and more of The UK to bribe the Baby-boomers into carrying them. Hence why only the baby-boomers like them.

- Have taken away our kids Education Support on a truly grand scale; burying said kids in debt, & damaging their health due to this new debt-stress.

- Have left our kids with nowhere to live. The adventure my generation had in places like Student Housing is now more & more unachievable for this current batch of nippers.

- Transferred a ton of our cash to foreign climbs, where it will never be spent again ( the Cayman Islands being a prime example ).

So there you have it. A whole Generation robbed now, and half a Generation robbed in my day; so that is 1.5 generations now robbed in total; all to feed the greed of the Baby-boomers, and the Rich that said Baby-boomers decided to side with.

The Baby-boomers started this, with their lack of interest in the concept of Finite Resources; and they are the ones that have to lose, or our country will have a permanently-poorer future...

So let's get some key facts in at this stage:

- UK Inequality has been condemned by The UN.

- The Millennials, as well as having nowhere to live, are on genuinely-lower wages compared to the Baby-boomers when they were young.

- The Millenials are being crushed by dishonestly-high Rents ( Generation Rent ), to the point where they can't save for their older age ( by investing in Bricks & Mortar like the Baby-boomers could ). Look at how much more they have to pay out in Rent compared to their parents.

The Youth are GENUINELY being asset-stripped by the Elderly. It's real. And the price of this Asset-strip is an increasingly-low-skill Next Generation of Taxpayers, which trashes the countries' future with all of the debt we're now stuck with.

And it's all because Granny did not want to pay Tax. Oh, and Granny doesn't like foreigners either. And Granny doesn't even like her kids.

So why celebrate granny?

I'm quite serious. How else do you kick back when they have the power, money, Law, & property? You have to refuse them access to grandkids and the like. Leave them utterly alone sitting on their piles of hoarded wealth.

They chose to burn you to get Rich. Are you going to reward them for that behaviour?

In fairness I will mention this Tory Project. The Youth Offer on Apprenticeships ( kicks in in 2017 ). But...

If it is too small ( as there is not enough Tax Money coming in to pay for it ) then a huge tranche of kids will remain without help.

This is why I am a Lefty. The more you see the more Left-wing you become. We have to Tax The Rich to get the cash needed to pay for rescuing our kids from this evil Baby-boomer-Tory alliance.

Most Rich people can't leave...

It's the only way left to us now. All other options have been exhausted. As has our balance sheets in carrying these dodgy Shareholders.

Once again the Baby-boomers have taken us to a major debt crisis ( first time being in the 1970's ) with their greed & laziness.


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Why Corbyn will fail in 2017.
Needless to say: if I am wrong I will look like a right muppet, but that is Politics for you.


I feel Corbyn will fail.

In fact I need him to fall. And fall hard.

It hasn't escaped my attention that some of my stuff has made it to cabinet and shadow-cabinet levels. Much as this is a compliment I am now keeping to my anti-Corbyn line. Why?


There are a number of major social trends going on at present.

1) The rise of the youth vote, still in their Green Party & SWP dreams. This is useful, but not big enough yet.

2) The Senile Vote of the Baby-boomers is getting more and more short-sighted as their faculties fail. Hence why so much racism is now openly spoken. They are big enough to affect govt too, and are VERY stubborn in how they operate. They will do something ghastly just to Tax Dodge. They already have.

3) Generation Rent still isn't big enough to tip the scale. We're getting close now, but we're not there yet. Not enough people are suffering yet.

Generation Rent are those who have lived it. From my age down they always end up with nothing; and they are gonna have to seize assets to protect themselves in their Old Age, as they have had zero options to build up savings and equity to do it so far ( and time is running out if you are 40 years old like I am ).

So Generation Rent will have to Tax The Rich just to survive. A 'safety' is already in play here, but it is not big enough yet.

The nippers? They'll calm down a bit as they get older, and they'll get smarter in their politics. For now I'm happy to leave them to it ( I'm ex-Green after all ).

The Baby-boomers? Yup, still the barrier.

Basically we need to split the Baby-boomers in 2. Only about 30% of them vote Lefty, and in a world of FPTP that just isn't enough. So...

There are 2 major groups in the Baby-boomers I know of. The 70-75 crowd ( well into old age. Health declining, and NHS usage up A LOT ), and the 60-65 crowd ( recently retired. Still hanging in there. Just GP users mostly ).

If the 70-75 crowd have to pay through the nose, because the State is too small to cover them, then that might wake up the 60-65 crowd as to recognising the need to repair The State.

What you also have to remember is that said Baby-boomers are all 'market types'. They like choice.


How do you reverse a privatisation? Replace the iffy Shareholder-laden company with one that is in a much better place debt-wise ( like a Co-Op ). It's not Labour's Clause 4 'buy-back' agenda, as that would massively ramp up the already-back-breaking debt we have. It's the Co-Op Revolution.

Over the next 5-10 years services will reach a 1980's level of low. And the numbers of poor people will grow, and said poor people will get VERY jealous of the rich people.

So there will be two major desires showing up. Desires for...: Better incomes ( including better Benefits for those injured ). And also better Services ( including Social Housing ).

And the Baby-boomers will be dying off.

At the same time the Torys will have sat there for ages saying that people have to make do with less, whilst the Torys themselves roll with cash in front of said now-poor people. A clear double-standard.

And that is Labour's path back to power. As the pensioners die off those in pain, because of what said pensioners did, will need a rescuer. A Housing leader, a Europe leader ( as the rise in prices due to Brexit going bad will have stung A LOT of people ), a Medical leader, and a Services leader.

And the Rich will be hated by then, as said Rich will have lied so often that no-one will ever trust them again. So they will become VERY tax-able. Which pays for the repairs.

Blair 2.0. Possibly a Woman, who knows.


To get this Blair 2.0 in place as quickly as possible, to minimise the pain for people like me, we need that person on the campaign trail now. Building trust.

Corbyn has waded in, fired on the Army ( a national religion ), fired on Blair ( who gave a lot of people help ), and is also trying to cosy up to gay-bashing Putin.

He is hated because of that. Only the core vote of Labour will back him. Us Swing Vote will not back him.

I know Sarah Jones is a good candidate, but Corbyn is so extreme that any small victory will be used to keep him in place ( yes, Momentum is that dodgy ). So Corbyn must not have any victories.

So I need Corbyn to lose hard. Scorched-Earth hard. So that his fanatics have literally no ammunition to work with. So that he can be ousted quickly.

So that Blair 2.0 can start grinding away at the stubborn-ness of this Baby-boomer vote. The sooner Blair 2.0 gets into play the sooner this Big Grind against the stubborn-ness of the dominant vote ( the Baby-boomers ) can begin.

It is about shaming. That's how you beat stubborn. You make sure that they can see the ruin they created, and just keep doing it until they play the damn game again. Like putting a cat's nose in it's poop when it refuses to use the litter tray. You just keep shaming them. With more and more of us looking at them with hatred in our eyes.

They'll break. As their numbers die off, and more and more people at street level grow to hate them.

They started it when they chose to do something ghastly 35 years ago, and we are left with the debt they created. So we have to Tax the Rich. Which means we have to get those Baby-boomers to change.

And we need people realising that this has to happen. Hence why the 70-75 year old crowd need to take a big hit, so that the 60-65 crowd wake up to the mistakes being made. We need these people to wake up from their ridiculous day-dreams.

People who, so far, still think that mass-scale Tax Avoidance works; because it did for them personally, and they do not care about anyone else. Severe levels of stubborn-ness and selfish-ness are what we are up against.

So we ARE talking about grinding them down. And scaring them too. And it is going to take time.

Which is why you have to offer Socialism-lite at first. Corbyn is trying to change too much too quickly. The people of the UK have never really gone with fast change.

Offer a fixed up Social Care, paid for by Taxing the Rich. The stuff of Ed.

Offer a repaired NHS, paid for by Taxing the Rich. Ed again.

Offer an expansion in Social Housing, paid for by... Guess.

Make sure the Army is properly looked after. Paid for by...?

Mansion Taxes. The 50p rate. All the stuff of Ed. And it's small steps. With time maybe the 60p rate might be an option too. When people have seen that small amounts of Taxing The Rich can work.

Do you see what I mean? It's all paid for by Taxing The Rich. Leaving us mere mortals in a better place. But it has to be done slowly, as said Baby-boomers have a habit of siding with The Rich as they try to dodge their Care Fees & Inheritance Tax. You have to show the older vote that 'little bits of Socialism are ok'.

Socialism-lite. Ed's turf. Not Corbyn's Socialism-max.

And Corbyn is a stubborn old man too. He doesn't do the right thing. He's a Careerist, who plays the Far Left to get his votes. Hence why he didn't resign after losing Brexit for his party ( the biggest vote in a generation ); and also why he is sorting out a safe seat for his son. He's just another MP on the rob for personal gain. Nothing more.

Oh, and he's a Brexit-eer.

And his fanatics are also stubborn. So they will need to see him crash and burn badly, so that they are forced to wake up.

2017 needs to be lost badly, so that 2022 can be a glimmer of hope.

Sometimes you have to lose to win.

As the Baby-boomers die off Generation Rent will just get bigger and bigger; and that will be the game changer.

Forcing the 60-65 years old crowd to wake up, by letting the 70-75 years old crowd fall, will speed this process up a bit.

The Young will join Generation rent, bolstering their numbers.

But it has to be Ed's line. With patience behind it. 5-10 years of patience.

Not the rush-job that is dodgy old Corbyn.


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Election Time. Election 2017.
So here we go.

Around here The Greens are corrupt. Esther turned a blind eye to significant violence, and Shasha is so incompetent he is now ass-deep in debt because he picked a Legal Battle he could not win.

So they are stupid. Not really Govt material.

Labour also turned a blind eye to Esther's iffiness, and are now declaring for Brexit. Corbyn. The Rich Boy Career Politico who used the Far Left to turn the Moderates of Ed Miliband into the Brexit-eering nutters of... Well, the local nutters.

The Torys? Tax-dodging corrupt disability-bashing Brexit-eers.

Who is left?

Lib-Dems? Bingo.

Croydon does need change. The same-old same-old has brought this place to ruin. Plus we need to stay in Europe to stop the English Voters from doing the evil things they do. I had high hopes for Croydon Labour. But it was the same faces as 2005, and they had not learned a thing since then. And... Then Corbyn was forced on us. And I left Labour.

I'm a Co-Op kinda guy, because I don't do Shareholders. But with Labour as badly compromised as it is these days I have no choice but to Protest Vote.

I'll be voting Lib-Dem. Tactically. To send a rocket up Corbyn's ass.

I think we need some new blood going into the veins of Croydon Politics; and getting a Lib-Dem presence going in Croydon may well shake things up enough. If the 48% back them then that will be a big change in dynamic for Croydon ( and you know full well that Croydon needs change ).

The Polls? When averaged they are accurate. And so far we have the following:

Here are the 2010 Polls. Torys have the lead, but not by enough. Labour in second, with the Lib-Dems 3rd. The Coalition then happened. So the Polls were accurate.

Here are the Polls for Election 2015. A slight lead to the Torys, that translated into the slight majority ( 12 seats ) Theresa May has at present.

Here are the latest Polls on Corbyn. A complete & utter collapse for Labour, due to massive SWP & Green Party sabotage of Ed's work.

We need Ed back. But until it happens we need to think tactically. I'd rather have Tory-lite in Europe ( the Lib-Dems ) than Tory-max outside of Europe's restraint ( the Torys ).

Corbyn is not even worth looking at. And can't possibly win. So we are looking at Tory-lite in Europe or Tory-max outside Europe. Blame the baby-boomers ( they have forced this on us ), but even so; that's your choice.

So, decision made. Lib-Dem it is. Protest Vote sure; but it's still a declaration for Europe, instead of *spit* England.

The Lib-Dems took a beating at Election 2015. They know that helping the Torys again will be suicide for them.

The Plan. I have always said that I am swing vote. I am loyal to policies & principles, NOT croneys & manipulators.


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PIP-Watch and The Universal Credit.
You know what this is, I know what this is, and the govt are up to something...

The Consultation is here ( .pdf download ). For t' record.

A Summary.Collapse )

So, so far, it's the 2 tiers for Care that will lead to an obvious benefits cut for some.

Newspaper stuff under here.Collapse )

ESA Stuff.Collapse )

An £11 billion stealth benefits cut to everyone on low incomes. Shifting from RPI to CPI once again.

As of 11/07/2012 at 11:39


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