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Croydon Cuts.

Building Schools for the Future, worth £350 mil for Croydon, is entirely cut by The Torys.£23 mil in Boris Money to come in after The 2011 Riots. Outer London investment apparently.
The LEGI. We'd already had about £40 mil of the £75-odd mil. The rest ( about £35 mil ) was axed by The Torys.~£13 mil of £20 mil Riot-money after The Riots of 2011.
The Enterprise Zone, worth about the same as The LEGI, was not offered to Croydon in the end. That's £75 mil that won't be received by us.£100,000 from the Portas Awards for Old Town.
The Council Grant from Central Govt is down £100-odd mil over the next 4 years due to Tory cuts.Our Schools have been awarded ~£100m to fix them up. 30% of the BSF money listed. Source: Gavin Barwell MP - 12-9-13 According to The Advertiser it's an extra £30m, taking the total to £97m 2014-17.
 £4.5m A&E 1-off booster shot given by Jeremy Hunt with winter coming. 12-9-13
 £14m to be given to Croydon CCG as a perm increase to the budget. 10.1.14
~£560 mil cut from the Croydon Budget by The Torys.~£160 mil awarded under The Torys.

So far it's a massive underfund...

2 Building Schools For The Future projects axed. That's £350 million quid that will now not happen.

LEGI. The initial concerns. And please note Labours concerns on mis-spending.

The Enterprise Zone we were denied. Barwell has had Zero Power on that one.

SLaM to cut 150 full-time jobs. Although, apparently, there isn't anywhere to cut in Mental Health as we're already a Skeleton Service.

Mayday to cut 200 staff and 4 wards.

2 million to go from Youth Services budget. That's the Youth Club closures like up New Addo.

1453 staff to go at UKBA. Mostly front line decision makers in Asylum and that. Even though we're to become the UK's one stop shop for Asylum? Trimming the bush is fair enough, but that is quite the cut.

Media Articles.

As of April 2012:

The Croydon Family Centre is facing a £100,000 cut. The Torys are spending £30k more, but on a service that looks after much more that just this.

So precious little of this £30k will make it to the centre.

A possible halving of the City Centre Police. Oh bugger...

If this is true we are dead meat.

6 Sergeants gone from Croydon Police already. That's Middle Office staff, not Back Office as the PM claims.

Middle Office staff help build the cases and prepare them for court.

As of July 2010:

40 of 47 of Croydons regular charitable partners are being cut. And CACFO has taken a 60% cut in funds and is looking likely to close.

CACFO is Afro-Caribbean and helps youngsters and The Elderly. Many Talking Therapy Charities have also been cut. The TUC and Unison predict The Poor will be hit 13 times more than The Rich by these cuts.

£25000 pounds cut from Croydon ARC. There's a possibility they'll be able to get the money back from the London Waste & Recycling Board.

£1.8 million of charitable budget was cut to £625,000. That's quite the cut.

65% of budget has been revoked.

Croydon CAB cut 39%. As you do.

Together in Waddon has lost all funding, Croydon Accessible Transport is down 61 grand ( forcing them to put their prices up ), Jagruti Asian Womens' Group would now appear to be gone.

Rape & Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre. Apparently Boris has provided funds to help this one.

Croydon Resource Centre. And this also mentions the pay-rise for the top 3 in The Council Malcolm Wicks described as obscene.

Croydon Family Groups facing closure due to these cuts. Last post, down the bottom.

I guess they're gone now then?

ACLT ( African & Caribbean Leukaemia Trust ) cut. They did survive, as their fundraising drive worked.

Croydon Councils budget dropping from £182 million to £149 million. Over the next 2 years, with no-doubt more to come.

Hear Us funding breakdown ( .pdf ). £62,000 from The PCT, and £14,000 from Croydon Council.

I do know last year the cut was fairly small for Hear Us in the end, and they have managed to get Red Nose Day money.

Youth Centres in Addiscombe cut. I have no idea how many survived.

Timebridge to close. Obviously.

Tim Pollard says these projects achieve little for the money they cost. Even though we have this happening.


Labours' Alternative Budget mentioned. Putting off collecting Food Waste to keep Charities alive for example.


39% of Charities ( Govt Funded ) are seeing an increase in demand for their services. Just as an interesting note.

Charity Commission gets a 30% Cut. For the record.


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